I have made some thing.. ahem ahem


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mommys boy
salaams to all

masha allah.
did it take a longtime to do or are you quite proficient with the PC?



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Wa`alaikum salaam warahmatullaah!

Awh, Maaasha'Allaah ukhty! simply wondeful.. no need to be embarrassed,lol. Loved the one with the yellow flowers(4th one down..?).. they were the perfect 'Pair'!:)


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Little sister, You really need your own camera. Those were wonderful! Mashallah!

The one labeled tears, interestingly enough, I used that same picture as an edit piece for a profile picture I did on FB. :) We have good taste! I LOVED the one about death and life....such a wonderful pairing!

Jazakallah khair!


Nothing but Muslimah


Jazakallahu Khair for the kind words...

msmoorad.. LOL.. :lol: I take the picture from the internet, I collect them.. and then, when I think that a particular Quranic verse is suiting it, I edit it.. :lol:

Alhamdulilah... NOOO I am not proficient with PC.. but im learning in my second semester of BIT (Bachelors of information technology )

suhaanah.. yes dear sister . I too love that pair pic, than every thing else I made.. :lol: (Im serious lol)

JenGiove .. :) Thank u :) my mum also loved that death and life pic :) :)

Again, thank u every one :shymuslima1:


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Mash'Allah! Thanks you very much for sharing! :D
Just one word of advice, try using simpler fonts to make it easier to read.

Jazak Allah Khair


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Masha Allaah ukhti very beautiful. Jazaaki Allaahu khayran for sharing.

Allaah Hafiz.



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Jazakallahu Khair for liking them and for the kind words :) :shymuslima1:

Dear Agenda :) Jazakallahu Khair for correcting me :) Here after I will fix it Insha Allah


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assalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh sister

So sad! I really dunno why, but I cannot see any of the pics. :(


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Mashallah they all are sooo beautiful and they show the beauty of Allahs creation and may Allah help you to share more of your work with us. :hijabi:

May Allah reword you dear sister for sharing with us. Ameen summa ameen