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- Avatar pictures must be of sensible nature in conformity of Islamic rules.

Since I am not Muslim, would you please be kind enough to elaborate on the definition of this statement? What are the rules?

Thank you,
Jennifer Giove


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how u get the pics under ur name?

Assalaamu Alaikum Brother Abdullah,

>In the upper right hand corner of any page under your name you will find the words "Private Messages", single click.


>At the top you will see the words "User CP" <user control Panel>, single click

>On the left is Your Control Panel

>Under the heading "Settings & Options" find "Edit Avatar"

You can choose from pre-loaded avatars or below that you can upload your own avatar AS LONG AS it is small enough <100x100 pixels or 87.9kb, whichever is smaller>


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I don't see any delete option when i edit my posts.So i can't delete what i posted?

And i am talking about editing just after posting.


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Sorry to post this here as I can see its the wrong section. But I can't seem to post a thread in the TTI section. It was a question I have been meaning to ask but I've forgotten to do so. Is this happening for others as well? Thanks.


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I apologize for not getting to this earlier.

- Ahsen: If the site is soley just Qur'aan such as Quran Explorer - or its likes etc, then it is okay inshaAllaah. However if it is more than that and has explanations of its own (aside from the recognized and accepted modes of tafseer) then it is not allowed, along with if it is linked to a certain organziation or spammed in many posts.

- mhassan10: A few Users have had this problem. You can search the "Help Using Website" section of the forum to find related problems that might help your situation. Many times in this case - regarding posting threads, it's just a glitch of sorts, or perhaps with the database, and usually if the User changes the title of the thread and tries posting it again it will be accepted and go through.

I hope that works for you inshaAllaah.



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Heaven princes

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How can i delete my post which i made as a new thread in wrong area i don't know how to delete my own post help me admin or someone please thankyou


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Assalamualaykum, I'm from Indonesia and a new member to this forum.

Anyone knows where should I start if I want to learn from the very basic of Islam?