My life: A long story cut short.


Dear sister (daughter) as a mother of two teenage boys, I know that parents can sometimes be hard on their children and that is for their own good and my advice to you is, you should either talk directly to your parents or ask an older family member(e.g granparents) for help to resolve your issues with your parents. Life has a purpose for all of us and only Allah knows why we are being tested. Look at these photos and think of what other people go through life and think, may be our troubleds are not that unbearable. Shouldn’t we always be thankful to Allah?
I am sure that your parents love you very very much well we all love you here.

I don't have my grandparents, *may Allah give them jannatul firdaws* but AlhumdulilLah things are improving anyway.

JazakAllah khair for sharing those pictures.

Tc sister



Salam Sister

Wont gonna show sympathy....but wanna tell that, Its may be a test from Allah SWT.
Satan will try his best to mislead a way different,but Sister please,dont give up.....
I think its a test,may be Allah loves you a lot, and Allah puts him/her to strong to stronger trial, as he loves much his Abd(slave).

Sister fight with your best power,its the struggle of soul,
May Allah give you the win in this Jihaad,Ammen

Jazakallahu Khairan.....I'll must pray for you....
Wa assalam