On a sunny spring day in Appalachia



I thought I would share another story with my brothers and sisters. It is a Miraj and his brother story. They took my 1990 Lincoln Town Car for a spin. Next thing I know I get a phone call. I no longer have my 1990 Lincoln Town Car. I am in great need for a new car today.
I won't go into the details. I know my insurance is going to go thorough the roof. It is not serious. They were not hurt. The series of events were comical. I will have to pay damages for the house they hit. It was told to me that all the pictures in the house fell.
So I ask that you make dua for me. I need a car. We do not have public transportation here.
I will not allow my sons to give me gray hair as I am seeking a husband. But, I do believe that my chances have just increased because I will ( Insha'Allah ) be driving around in a shiny new car.
I will not allow my sons to even sit in the passenger seat.

My love to all.


Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum

Oh dear sis, insha ALlah i will make dua for you and your family. may ALlah subhana wata'ala make it easier for you amiin.:hearts:



No God but Allah
Assalamo alikom

Mashaa Allah, so the two kids have already grown up and can drive and destroy houses??!!! LOL :) may Allah protect them for you and strengthen you to cope with their adolescence.:)


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They struck a house? Subhan'allah I'd love to have been there when they tried to explain that one.




Sister Farhopes...they think they are grown...I was being sweet to them for working so hard so I let a friend let them drive around her house...they have not reached the age to drive..around here everyone lets the kids drive for a treat...
Miraj told me he wants a motorcycle!!!


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Asslamu alaikum

Deat sister Alhamdulillah they were not hurt, may Allah protect them and I do agree with you don't let them give you gray hair:)you really deserve the best of everything :hearts:



Brother you raise some interesting thoughts. This past week was very difficult for me. In short, as we all know how long winded I can be, I felt the rug was pulled from under my feet. In all areas of my life I was at a loss. Nothing seemed to make sense to me. The car incident made me slow down.
I have counted my blessings. I have been blessed with an intense confirmation of my faith. Alhumdulila.
In a sense I have been given the understanding that most important aspect of life is submission to the Will of Allah. It alleviates the burden of the anxiety of the daily issues of life.
Insha'Allah, the car will be this week and Insha'Allah with your dua Allah subhana talla will grant me a wise and pious husband..
just thinking of praying as a family on a sunny spring evening in Appalachia.

My love.


Alhamdullilah they were not hurt. What were they thinking?? That joyride could have ended tragically, Allah was watching over them and protected them. I hope they learned their lesson. Stay strong dear sister!:):)


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I am glad no one was hurt sister, but you might not want to look at your insuruance for a while! :) You see how sometimes a bad thing can stop your life and put you in a phase of realization. We take things for granted many, many times and life is just one of them. Inshallah you will find a god-fearing husband soon!