Robert Spencer Refuted

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Salaam Alaiykum,

The so called "expert" on Islam Robert Spencer (shown on Major News channels like FOX as a "expert" on Islam) clearly being refuted by the good brother Mr.IslamAnswersback on youtube. Please support the brother by subscribing on youtuibe to his channel; youtube user name "Mr.IslamAnswersback".
[yt]na7ofI4MoLA[/yt] [yt]-tmh4cRxQv8[/yt]


Junior Member a muslim i must really thank these so called "scholars" for publicising our religion more ot the mainstream pple!!because if him, lots of pple are coming over to islam ^^


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salamu alaykum,

i wonder who put the stupid music on the video. The brother is doin a good job mashAllah, and someone is putting music which is totally against islam. Donnt get it.

wassalamu alaykum

Abdul Hasib

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^ I know right! But some fat ugly idiot like that Spencer guy just don't learn to keep their mouth shut. :D

This bro in the video is funny too. I like his humor. :lol:

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Spencer is even wasting all his time and money just to attack Islam! Oh well, from the vid: Allah is Preparing Us For Victory,

Allah says, "They are spending their money to attack my religion" and then they will spend it, and that is how they wil be defeated.

That is true, like in Iraq, we are in debt becuase of the war. Oh well, if their money is going away for their own defeat, that's whats's hot! :lol:


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he's the ignorant supply to the ignorant demand of islamaphobes...why people he give the time of day, i will never know...just shows the desperation of these people, they consider an idiot a champion in the war against islam...may allah have mercy on them...


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Agreed with you
Same things with Ali Sina, attacking islam, quran and Prophets.
He does it for a living probably as life in CANADA is veryyyyyy expensive.