Stranger than Fiction - 9/11 - (MUST READ!)

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Christina. You are taking other people's views far too personally. Everyone is entitled to their opinion just as you are, so there is no need to respond with cynical and sarcastic remarks. At the end of the day just because we express the same view in overwhelming numbers, it does not mean you are not unwelcome.


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To everybody, I would like to thank you for your contributions... but I feel that this is going the wrong way.

Turntoislam was not made to be a debating site for what happened in 9/11 it was meant to dispel the misconceptions about Islam. I don't feel that this can be accomplished when all we do is debate.

Does it really matter how long we sit here and say,
"THIS happened!"

"THAT happened!" ?

IN the end, real PEOPLE died, that isn't fake. It doesn't matter how long we sit here and debate if nothing is done. IF you see something wrong, do something to change it. What is past is past. Yes our past makes up our future, but we can't change our past... we can work to change our FUTURE!

Everyone has opinions, everyone has feelings... but please let's not destroy ourselves, our unity, our faith for matters like this.

Educate people about real Islam! Learn your deen, practice it, TEACH it! Then can we accomplish something.

I am sure that others could have put it better, but I am trying my best.

Christina, we welcome you to this website, please just because we believe things perhaps differently sometimes than you do... don't feel slighted. We would love for you to be able to come here and learn about Islam.

For this and other things...

This Thread is CLOSED for now.

Forgive me if i said anything wrong...

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