We can not guarantee our next second!


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Assalamualaykum wa'Rahmatullahi wa'Barakatuhu dear all.

Although this Nasheed has been posted here before, this particular version indicates a vivid message (to myself, first and formost)!

Subhan'Allah........................ *RECOMMENDED VIEWING*

'Last Breath' (by Ahmed Bukhatir)...


May ALLAH help us to depart this world whilst being in the state of submission, to Him Alone, as Muslims! Ameen ya Rabb'al Alamin.

Inna lillahi wa inna illayhi raji'oun - To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return (Al-Qur'an)

I leave you all in the View of Ar-Raheem,



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I see.

This video brought tears to my eyes, because I saw myself in it. The same questions I ask. The same flaws that I have. InshaAllah, we may all be guided away from the torment of the fire. From thinking ignorantly as if our time is far from us. And, inshaAllah, we may be among the triumphant and mindful in both this life and the next.

Asalamualaikum waRahmatuAllahi wa barkatahu for posting this.


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........ InshaAllah, we may all be guided away from the torment of the fire. From thinking ignorantly as if our time is far from us. And, inshaAllah, we may be among the triumphant and mindful in both this life and the next.....

Ameen ya Rabb'al Alamin......

..........Asalamualaikum waRahmatuAllahi wa barkatahu for posting this.

Wa'alaikum'Assalam wa'Rahmatullahi wa'Barakatuhu......All Praise is due to Allah Alone!



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Thnx for sharing this video its really VERY SAD and these things makes all of us think abt our own life and how our own last minute will be..............

May Allah (swt) guide us all to the right path and let us die as a real muslima INSHALLAH!!!!!!!!!!:inshallah::tti_sister: AMIN..............

:wasalam: :hijabi:



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Thanks for sharing this. It wet my eyes alot. Ma Sha Allah!
May Allah Have Mercy on the Believers.
Ya Mujeeb!:tti_sister:


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This video hit me so much i shared it with brothers and sisters in my class at college, and Inshallah they will be guided on to the Siraatul Mustaqeem, it was very weird day today, i wont go into it. But this really makes you think.





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thank you for sharing. i cannot say how i feel watching the video and i definitely share it with my brother and sisters. it is a wake up call. May Allah guide us to jannah. i cannot imagine the torment of hell fire. MasyaAllah !:tti_sister: :salah:


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Abow i was sad when i watched this video i was very sad for the people that died :tti_sister: :astag:


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Last breath

salams, brothers and sisters

im a new member at turn to islam:shymuslima1: but i think this nasheed is beautiful it made me think of what will happen in life.it says that we can die any minute or any second under Allahs will. So we all should start to think more about death.


:shymuslima1: How we need to ponder death, and think about it every minute. It can strike us at any moment. Are we ready? Lets live each day as it is our last and pray every prayer like it will be our last, for we never know when the angel of death will come to us. Jazakallahu Khairan for sharing this. A definite wake up call.:girl3:


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Thanks for uploading this video. Yes, it has a very deep meaning and reminder for me and all. :astag: It made me think of all the sins that i've made.

Yesterday, i observed..all of a sudden it rained without thunder or sign. I somehow relate that with death. It could happen to us anytime anywhere. May Allah always help us to be awake in the sense that 'it' really occur, to the young or to the old. Amiin.



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We all know we were born to die, our grave thinks of us 70 times a day how many times do we remember our grave in a day. Most would probably answer a few times a year when someone reminds them or they see somebody die.

We are here to please Allah Subhantallah and that should be our only aim, our life should revolve around Islam and not trying to fit Islam in with our working life.

Many quotes have been made stating "It will be like we have been on this planet for 2 mins some say 2 Seconds" compared with the eternal life in the hereafter. If you have not started to prepare for the next life then it is time now my brothers and Sisters as when our eyes close forever we will not get a second chance.

Inshallah May Allah Subhanatallah shows us the right path and guide us on the Right Path.

Allah is knower of all and he Knows best.