Why did you join turntoislam.com


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:salam2: brothers and sisters this is the reson why i joined this site actually my friends they all are very hanky panky they always ask me to search about fashion ,they know that i dont like that and all things so one of my friend one mailed me saying if you really dont want our ways than be an uncivillised person and she gave me this site i browsed this and i found that this is the site that i can make good pious muslim friends :ma: now am using this site and am gettin each and every help i will say sis and bros are very respondable and now i have got masha allah good friends thanks for the administrator :ma: :ma:


Salam, I was on www.isalmonline.net and was webbing . I was looking for a forum to discuss pertinent Isalmic issues. I realize I was looking for intelligent and informed opinions. It is very nice to have discussions on a variety of issues. It is nice to see things from another perspective. Where I live in the US..there are less than 200 muslims in total. You ( everyone of you) helps me stay connected to Islam and raise my imam.


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THE revival

because i wanted to be close to my people, i was constantly telling the world how warmhearted , how good and how smart my people were but they didn`t believe me so i decided to find comfort and understanding from my fellow brothers and sisters! it was just a reactionary need i guess!:)



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Good question/post and some very moving/motivating posts too.

I came across the site looking for Revert Brothers and Sisters and saw video on youtube from here, visited site, signed up same day and MashAllah/SubhanAllah have not regreted or looked back since.

I would like to thank and commend brother Mabsoot for creating and maintaining this site, really something he can be proud of and prayers that his will, energy and attention does not waiver. (can I have the cheque now brother, joking of course, only take cash :) )

Anyway, as they say should know when to stop and will leave by saying may Allah forgive all our sins and see us in to Janna'tul Firdous, Ameen.

Fi amanAllah

Abu Eesaa

Servant Of Allah

My story is quite boring...lol....
I was on YOUTUBE looking for Nasheeds and saw a link to this site and joined.....
I love the net so the way I look at it, its better to be online talking bout halal stuff then get hooked on all the haram, people get upto ....like all the other sites and chatrooms......you know wot i mean....Mmmmmm


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Assalamu alaykum,

Well I guess as admin I didnt technically join it. But, I made the website because I felt that we as Muslims have to do something to help people understand Islam. Both Muslim and non-Muslim.

A site where people are welcome and can be together as an Ummah. Sticking to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of his messenger :saw:

I was fed up with the ignorance people have about Islam.

With this site, people will have a place to go and learn properly. To see for themselves who Muslims are.

Alhamdulillah, it is a blessing from Allah that we have our brothers and sisters here from around the world.

Last month, we took shahada from several people, one of whom is an Inuit from a remote town in Canada, mashaAllah. There it is -15 and the temperatures reach as low as -40. Her family is happy and fine with this choice, alhamdulillah.

The other person was a sister who is just 14, she is from the USA. Her parents do not know that she is Muslim, she has to keep it secret.

What matters is that people learn who Allah is and who the Messenger was. That they understand the message Of Islam is a universal message from Allah, that was revealed to all the Prophets. To Worship Allah alone without associating any partners with him.

How many times do we see Muslms state this? When they had all that drama about the niqab debate in UK, did Muslims ever say what the most important belief for Muslim was? That was a good opportunity which was missed. And they keep on missing it.

If the non-Muslims were to know how simple Islam was, what the original teachings were, then things would be a lot better.


Asalaamalikum brother Mabsoot,

Did you create the website all on your own? How long did it take you? Either way Mashallah, may Allah reward you.

My story is a little different. My younger brother went to some shoe store and they were giving either a free shirt or a free DVD with a purchase of a shoe. My brother decided to go with the DVD. He read the name of the video and it was called "Hooked" the story of Demitrius Williams. He brought the DVD and we both watched it, and it was about a brother from California, USA and how he was suppose to be one of the best basketball players ever, better than Michael Jordan! But he got affiliated with drug and gang problems and was incarcerated for many years. In jail, he began to change himself and said that wasn't really 'him,' (his youth days) and alhamdilillah he became a full practicing Muslim. The video is sad but really happy at the same time, because although he didn't get the fame and money, he got the best gift in the world---Islam. It even made me weep, and think about Islam and how we sometimes take it for granted.

I was real curious one day about people that revert to Islam, and I searched on youtube and I came so many. The videos, promoted TTI and I wanted to check if they had more and I came to find out this is the best site in the world! Knowledgeable brothers and sisters, all kinds of information. It's my homepage when I open the Internet and I'm constantly checking it when I am at work. It was only Allah was guiding me here and it was all meant to be.

walaakaum salaam


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I joined TTI to check it out for myself 1st before I may recommend it to potential non-mulsims who are interested in learning more about Islam and the Islamic experience.

Living in the USA, is a great experience. There is a lot of interest from people here to learn the truth about Islam and what it really teaches. Since most people get their information from main stream media, there is a lot of stereotypes about Islam and Muslims.

It is our duty to be good examples and be good ambassadors. We owe it to them to teach them about Islam 1st hand.

One day I asked 50+ non-muslims, at a dinner meeting, how many of them know that Jesus is mentioned in the Quran? Only 2 people raised their hand. That shows you how much they really know about Islam.

I congratulate you for sharing your knowledge and experience here. I hope this will be one of the good places on the internet for people to visit and learn about the great religion and way of life of Islam.

:subhanallah: :laila:


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Bro arabiantxn, Alhamdulillah Allah have guided me to this site. I learnt a lot from this website. It's very informative & educational, and the muslim brothers & sisters here are all very helpful & friendly, Alhamdulillah. I hope the information you can get from this website can help you, just like me, into wanting to become a better muslim, InsyaAllah. Leave yesterday behind and work towards your future. May Allah guide us all, InsyaAllah.


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Well i joined because i really needed advice on a certain issue, and what i didnt know was there was many things i need to do and improve on to increase my Iman, Inshallah this website has been so great and inshallah will continue to do so. Alhamdulilah i found the Siraatul Mustaqeem and will stay on it.



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Assalamu Alaikum,

I was a member of another Muslim forum, and the administrator there posted a link to the video titled "Turning Muslim in Texas".

I was really impressed with that documentary, and I like listening to stories of reverts to Islam.

That video had a banner "TurnToIslam.com", and so I checked this site out.

Thank you brother Mabsoot and all the moderators here for your efforts in defending Islam and showing the world what Islam really is.

Best regards,


Wassalamu Alaikum


Islam is my life
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assalamu aleikum
In the winter one of my friends gave me the name of the site .
I was watching the videos about converts ,and I really liked it..
since then I'm here every day....


Asalamu Alaykum!

i dont know how i came across this site really all i know was i discovered it and then before you know i joined up its a great site though....:hijabi:


This site was recommended by a friend of mine, been hooked ever since, mashallah!! keep up the good work inshallah and may Allah reward you for your efforts, Ameen!


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I used to borrow video clips from an in law to watch lectures,reverts stories etc...
and he kept mailing these clips from TTI and one day checked up on TTI, but as I couldnt watch the videos online I started reading the forums and I found something I had been looking for a while.
A place where I could meet other sisters and learn more about Islam and also if need be help someone else see Islam as I see it!
Its been a pleasure reading TTI forums, as all topics mentioned are ones that must be dear to all muslims.
Sisters jazakallah khairen for your support to all the sisters from around the globe.

May Allah reward all those contributing to the forum and those seeking help from TTI.:tti_sister:



Pls mak Duwa 4 me
Salam Brothers/Sisters,

I have came accors this sit when i was watching Yousof Esta video and when I visited this I have read a thread by brother Masood and I like the way his thinking by the fear of Allah. So to Refresh and Increase my knowledge I thought this is one among the best protocal so I joined it. May Allah Give us strength and corrage to understand and follow the path of truth Islam. Ameen.

Allah Hafiz.


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Assalam Alaikum,
Some one had sent me a link for a revert to Islam video. It linked back to TTI. Since then I was so hooked on, however it did take along while before I joined the community as a member. I love this forum. There is so much to learn and I especially like the new muslim videos. They make you thank Allah SWT that He did bestow the greatest mercy on you by making you a muslim. I wonder what I ever did to deserve that.


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I want to learn about Islam......


because I want to find God.....yes....that's all....


....there have been many issues in my live, financially, physically, emotionally, and I have not yet seen God helping me..., I guess I have a spiritual need,...I guess I want to love God, but not because of fear of punishment but because of gratitude....

You know...there are too many religions around, they all claim to be the true, and because I still don't know which one is right, I am giving Islam an opportunity to prove to me their believes come directly from God, that way, maybe I can find God.....and if I still don't find him, (even you talk about miracles) then either God does not really exist...or he doesn't like me.

I'm a son of Abraham too...
I found this web site because I was searching information about islam


Pls mak Duwa 4 me
Salam Friend,

At first I would like to thank u for giving a chance to Islam. Friend the problems u mentioned whatever it may be either u trust in Islam or not I pray to Allah to help u out from them.
Friend as far as Islam is concern it is not just a religion it is a way/style of life of following it trully whole heartedly one will be succeeded both here and hereafter life and friend as far as harshness in life it is also a kind of Allahs blessing as after every harshness our grade of Iman will increase and sins will be cleaned, and Allah will test u only with as much as u can bare it. If u c the harshness faced by his prophet's (pbuh) an ordinary man can never face that so Allah will never test a man beyond his strength, if u think u r facing problems then its a test of Allah on u be firm on Islam and ask Allah for its rewards. As the problems will come and go they all r time being.
Friend Islam dont need to give a proof to u, u need some thing u r in problems then u follow each and every thing as mention in Quran and sunna then insha allah u will c how miracles Islam is. Friend Allah Al Rehman Al Rahem he loves us more then what a mother love to his kid.
Friend as u mention u wanna learn about Islam pls do it much as u can through QURAN and SUNNAH and pls enlighten us also with the light of Islam.
May Allah help and guide all of us to understand and follow the path of truth Islam. Ameen.

Allah Hafiz.