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  • darn I replied to the wrong person bwahaha
    I m currently on break hun ;) but it is going! I was kinda scared of the long hours but Allah made it easy for us! alhamdulillah. How is yours going?
    Iam in USA--
    aww habibti, i don't have any tips:/ what I'm doing differently is making goals on what I wanna change or what I wanna do differently this ramadan? maybe that could help?? :)
    What I read of fb is if one reads 20 pages of Quran after each salah---(namaz) they will finish the Qur'an in 30 days iA. Maybe you could try that. It is hard for me but i will try that too.
    aww where do u study now ?

    and I am from Somalia---currently living in the U.S.A :)
    Ramadan is close...wanna share tips on how to better prepare for it?? :)
    fee amanillah
    I am glad too sister...:) I hope all is well with u and ur fam....If I remember correctly you are my Kashmiri girl right??? :)

    Stay blessed,
    Remember to always smile
    "i remember many more members who rnt seen around much like fada_all, esperanza, amatullah4lyf and many more"
    ehem, I AM *AmatuAllah4lyf* I had to change my name for personal reasons:/ thats why I am VM-ing you instead of replying to the thread:)
    salam aleikum,

    you are welcome dear sister, was helpfull inchallah :)
    May Allah bless you
    Assalam aleikum! sorry for the late reply and thank you for your comment! i hope you are doing good!:)
    well havnt been that busy loll but jus didnt come to tti fr a long tym thats why =)
    everything is goin gud u tell? hws ramadan goin fr yew? hw r ur studies ? u too keep me in dua's wasalam ♥
    Assalaamu alaykum,
    we can write 'Bismillah..' on the marraige card, inshaAllaah. what I am saying is - It will be better from the islaamic perspective if we don't keep ayat or hadeeth in the card. And some of the reasons I did mentioned for that. There is nothing compulsory to put in ayat or hadeeth in the card, and especially I do concern about the sanctity of them. InshaAllaah, hope it makes a sense and Please do refer the link. wassalaamu alaykum.
    I have seen people writing 'bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem' either in arabic or english as we are supposed to be starting our work in the name of Allaah. In my humble observation, I don't see that people keep ayat or hadeeth in the card. One of the reason is not beingsure of how the card will be used/preserved later ? may be it will be torn, or the kids might be playing with it, or something else. In all this cases the proper sanctity of the kalaam of Allaah is not going to maintain. Those who understand the religious and sentimental value of the cards preserve and keep it intact in drawers, but for others its not of any business ! and unfortunately we can't guarantee for all card receivers. will they keep cards intact or not ? this certainly not mean anything yes or no directly to keep the ayat/hadeeth or not but becomes a matter to think about.
    Asslaamu alaykum, respected sister in Islam. I read your thread about requiring 'qur'an ayat or hadeeth over the greeting card. with reference to that I felt better to pm on the subject and apologise for any inconviniences, if so.
    wa'alaikum salaam dear sister,
    *bohut, bohut shukriya meri jaan*
    I thought it was ghabar since it stood for grave. in Arabic its spelled like that lol......I bet i was wrong. instead it is with a K?? oh sweetie no offence taken, I need all the help I can get :) yep I am learning it.
    ameen janu <3 I ask Allaah the same for u dear,
    phir melange :) see ya
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