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  • walikumsalam ♥
    Im fine alhamdulilah! College goin great =D oh wow thats awesome! wch med kolg? Life is goin better then expected alhamdulilah :D wht about u? whts new on ur side? and hw r ur studies goin? wht r u doin these days? and hw is ur family?
    take loads ov care! remmebr me in ur dua ♥
    walikumsalam :D
    *hug* :D exam was great nd yea it went well im in colg nw :SMILY288: :lol: :D
    mashallah congrtz behna :D *hug* remember me in ur dua and hope ur doing fine :D
    Allah hafiz ♥
    Salam, jzakallah for reply sis
    Best of luck fr that exam inshallah ur gona do great make dua fr my final's result....
    im so happy for u btw hehe :D
    Insha-Allah sister,
    I'll remember her in my Du'as and Insha-Allah she will recover from that.May Allah makes things easy for her and make her surgery successful.And grant her and all muslims the best of health,Ameen.
    Jazak-Allahu Khairan sister for your concern and all your du'as,
    Insha-Allah I'll remember you in my du'as and Insha-Allah you'll pass with flying colors,Ameen.
    Wasalam sis:D
    srry for late reply. Yeah so i heard about snow falls in muree and other northen areas :D
    Hope ur enjoying! Take care. Ur in my dua. *hug*
    ur sis.
    oh no need to say thnx dear,after all we all are here to help eachother,
    so dont be thnx for such a small thing,
    anywyas will be in touch with u,keep smiling,
    and yeah do remember me in your du'as,have fun,
    Ma'as salamah
    oh dear no need of anythng,after all we all are here just to help each other isint it?
    Insha-Allah,will be in touch with u,take care,keep smiling,
    Ma'as salamah
    Walikumsalam sweet sis!
    Im fine alhamdulilah hpe ur in the best of health too! Inshallah ur in my dua:D i know how stressing they can be my final board exams in march too! need ur dua too.:D
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