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  • :salam2:

    ~May Allah swt help,guide and protect all muslims~Amin!
    :SMILY259:my sister
    Wa alaikum as salam wa rahmathullah wa barakath

    oh!! am extremely srry dear.......yeaaa, u r welcome :D
    Nice to hear from you again sister,
    how's with things lately?
    everything here are all well,
    and the weather are great in march this year~Alhamdulillah!
    ~May Allah swt bless you and your family with best health and good protection~Amin!
    Thank you for passing by

    ~Wassalam :)
    I am fine~Alhamdulillah
    and how are you? my dear sister
    ~May Allah swt bless you with best health ~Amin!
    Take care,
    ~Wassalam :)
    Wa alaikum As salam Wa rahmathullah

    ooooppss srry sis didnt realize that.......

    jazzakallah khairan dear



    Happy Ma'al Hijrah
    1434' Hijrah to you and your family,


    ~May year 1434 H bring prosperity and wonderful most beautiful to all muslims~Amin!
    ~May Allah swt help,protect and guide all muslims~Amin!

    Take Care!
    ~Wassalam :)
    Assalamu allaicum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear sister : )

    InshAllah you are well

    Jazzak Allah khair for the friend request sweety


    Wa allaicumu sallam
    Happy Eid'ul Adha Mubarak to you and your family
    too my dear sister.
    Thank you
    Take care,
    ~Wassalam :)
    ahaa its not wrong though I mean you wished everyone for Eid ul Fitr :SMILY71:

    Alright, I will take it as an advance greeting for the coming Eid now :p

    take care sister and remember me and every Muslim in ur Dua

    wa 'alaikumassalam warahmatullah,
    Jazakallahu khayr for your wishes,mayALlah accept frm u and frm us.ameen
    sorry for the late response
    I am sorry it's late, I have not had much time to be on the internet latley =(
    Assalamo alaikum warahmatullah

    Waliekumasslam warahmatullahi wabrakatu,
    Same to you & your family, Taqaballahu minna wa minkum.
    Jazakiallahu Khairan.
    walaikum salam wr wb

    Khair to you as well and your family and i pray the same for u - ameen

    and i hope ur eid went well :) and u had alot of good stuff to eat inshAllah
    JazakAllah khair for this warm greeting
    Assalamu allaicum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

    Eid Mubarak to you too dear sister and your family.

    Jazzak Allah khair for kindness for passing me your kind words.: ) May Allah bless you too and your family with His Mercy and happiness. Ameen summa Ameen

    JazakAllah khair for the lovely message, ukhti :)

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family as well!
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