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  • Asalamoalaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    I saw you online and remembered that I was supposed to reply to this. Sorry ukht I am forgetful. I apologise.

    Hopefully you are in the best of health and Imaan.

    Happy Dhul Hajj*Smile*.

    Dearest sister alf2

    All praises be upon Allah swt
    God of the universe.
    Masha'allah !

    Thank you for reading my post,sister.
    Indeed ,
    I did also admire your good courage defending Islam in the forum,

    ~May Allah swt protect and bless the best of health upon you and your family~Amin!

    All The Best !
    your sister in Islam,

    Take care,
    ~Wassalam :)

    I'm not around here much lately, but I just came across some of your posts and they made me smile. You've gotten so far ukht, May Allaah continue to guide you (and me) and help both of us to more good. =)
    Walaykum assalam! And Eid Mubarakkk!! :D

    Haha thanks, I Googled the two games, and they look pretty good. I didn't know Baba Ali invented Kalimaat, haha.
    Wa Alaikom Assalam sister , I posted a collection of Islamic profile pictures in one of my threads but now the pics are expired in the downlaod centre .
    I'm fine al7amdulillah , just busy with studies , I wanna be a doctor and a debater like Dr. Zakir Naik and it needs hard work , Pray for me sister ! :)
    Waalaikum assalam sis,

    Yup, I'm over here, lol. Greetings from the other side of the world! How are you doing? :)
    assalamualaikum sis, I'm sorry I don't have any abayas or khimars (the long ones) - haven't gotten courage enough to wear full abaya yet. I was wondering if you were looking to buy some hijab? I have a couple in square and shayla style (the rectangular ones, I mean.) If you would be interested, let me know.
    My mom took my hijab stash to her school the day you had sent your first VM about this, and all the non-muslims cleared up more than half the stuff o_o;
    Hi alf - No, I researched selling clothing on ebay and then on craigslist, but I really didn't feel like getting into the entire procedure of setting up an ebay account, and having to worry about how to ship things over. I tried to deal locally and put my scarves out in an aparment-building sale (our apartment owners don't allow yard sales!), and we have quite a lot of muslim women from Somalia in our building, but none of them bought any. (They don't wear the wrap around scarves, but wear the really really long ones that come to their knees.) So yeah. Would you be interested in buying any? I could send you some pictures of them - I have some that are completely new and unworn. Let me know. wasalaam.
    Wa Alaykum Assalam sis :D

    I live in the sunny state of California < lol that was cheesy srry!
    Yup, lol. I'll be moving in a couple months.
    Oooooo, Indian food for the first time. Hmm, watch out for the spices! :)
    If I ever come back here, I'll be sure to bring you tons and tons of Shalwar suits. :)
    So where are you going to eat? At a restaurant, or at someone's home?
    Wa'alaikumassalam sis! Yes, I'm currently in the US (MN). Though I've lived half my life here, and half in India - its a bit complicated, lol. My family's planning to go back to India soon though, InshaAllah.
    I hope you're doing well these days. :)
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