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  • Salam
    YA ALLAH my profile looks like pashto course....
    Nice to know Brother Abu Huraira786....There are so many Pathaans (Pakistani) in this website...
    May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless us and others with his blessings (AMEEEN)...
    Salaam Sister

    loooool i have to laugh reading your messages (nosey i know lol)
    anyways i speak pusthooo aswell lol
    'sanga haal dai?' haha

    thats fine brother(helpinghumanity) .....I am good now ...
    Sister Saba...
    " Za hum sha yam ...Ajaba khabara chee muz pashto wayoo"
    and yeah my name is Amna not Amina...
    so what is your acctual language sister is it Afghan pashto or peshawar pashto....? mine is Afghan pashto...
    walaikum salam
    Salaam Dear Sis!

    Deh Khoday fazal day zeh khayema. Teh khpela senga ye?

    ;) Lol this is soo funny coz I have never written or spoken to anyone in pashto apart from my own family.

    By the way Sis I didn't catch your name? Is it Amina or Amna?

    If you are wondering my name is Saba and was born in Peshawar. But I am actually Afghan living in Australia. Nice and colourful! :)

    Anyway gotta run to class now.

    Fee Amaanillah

    Saba :)
    Salam sister:

    If i did said any thing offensive or seemed offensive then i apologize to you.....

    sister i admired you in my last post..i guess you overlooked at that or read it too

    And ya now i am angry at you for being angry at me...

    And see i m saying "Aozobillah".....

    So now you should not be mad...:shake:.....if you still mad then one more paragraph of "my choice" is still in my head"

    so what do you think.....of my
    STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP CALLING ME MY CHOICE my name is Amna brother i said i was joking ......and about "Critism lead to improvement" ...look brother that private schools arent mine so that i was taking there side or i dont like government school or somthing like that ......and yeah....the way you write is kind like you are yelling at me ...ohhhh i know now you will say that "whats your problem sister its my choice."..........and brother calm downnnnnnnnnnnnnn..... say "Aozobillah".....
    So what i was talking about (or intending about) was the second form of criticism...and this "Criticism does lead to improvement"

    So sister "MY CHOICE" now it is your choice to view our choice from the perspective that you choose...but keep in mind that our choice is the 2nd choice of the criticism..

    lol..too many choices right????

    Take care of yourself
    Be safe
    Fi amanillah
    Wassalam....sister my choice

    Aha..nice name....kind of weird though "My choice".....

    So sister my choice....i admire your choice...i pray that this choice becomes the choice of many, who are undecided about their choice because of the choice that society implants on them over the choice which will choose them for the choice which all Muslims want to wish for..........:p

    Dont worry sister..i am not interested in knowing your name..neither i will ask again...:SMILY259:...coz now its my choice hahhahah

    all of my cousin and tayaa...aame and abboo know it...however it was their choice not to make it my choice....


    We can classify criticism into two types.
    One: the main objective is to show or put some one down..or you can call it GHEEBAT...

    TWO: The main objective of this is to sort out the fields which our current society is lacking or not paying proper attention. However besides pointing it out we also give the suggestions to improve it
    Brother my name is written on my big orange username with green backgroundand sister holding her hand on her face written my choice beside of that.....
    get it.....yeah thats my name.......
    You dont know pashto ....? okay then you may learn that poedham word from someone else ....and i just said dont do burainyaaaaan .....
    PS;It is not cool.....
    take care brother...
    Wa-alaikumus salam sister (i don't know your name:hearts:)

    Yes we WERE talking about private schools and government schools. And did criticized private schools.
    No i do not Pushtoo...

    yes i know pashto and i live in karachi...yeah i am pathaan ..
    helpinghumanity i was talking about Islamicgirl24 she said somthing about school...right ..? and now she is saying that Burai karna waqai mana hei! Astaghfirullah! i am very bad!!!
    no sister you are not bad said Astaghfirullah Allah Almighty will forgive you ......okay can i know is there some one Afghani..?
    like some one said Afghanis are intelligent may it was helpinghumanity.....? sister sana are you Afghani...?
    helpinghumanity "wo za pa pashto poedham".....
    wa alaikum salam to every one in this forum....

    Kis nay key..burahi.....toba toba
    ham to sach bool raheen they....aap nay jooth samaj lia.....



    Take care
    fi amanillah
    Wa alaykum salaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu Sister Amna_Muslimaa,

    Yes I speak Pashto! Are you Pathaan?!?! Where are are you from?

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions ;)

    Can't wait to hear from you!!! :D

    Wasalaam :)
    Wassalam sister!

    Oooppss! You are right! Burai karna waqai mana hei! Astaghfirullah! i am very bad!!!
    Take care.
    wa aleykum salaam sister amna
    alhamdulillah im good and nafesa is good too
    hope 2 hear from u soon inshaAllah
    love u fii sabilillah
    wa salaam
    Salam sister my computer wasnt working thats why I was not able to chat with you ,I am doing fine Alhamdulillah .....Jakaillah khair sister.....!!!! and how is Nafesa doing...?
    Hadith of the Day
    Faith wears out in the heart of anyone of you, just as clothes wear out, so ask Allah to renew the faith in your heart. [Tabrani]
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