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    O Youngsters of Ummah!!!! This small one is for you.

    :salam2: Jazakallah khair.... May Allah guide us towards the right path....and may Allah fill our hearts with the love of Islam .... waik up Young muslims this is the show time... wassalam
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    :salam2: The sitiuation is so difficult well my parents or elders in family say that never :SMILY286:get interfair in police or :fighta:robbers problems ...............I dont know anthing else well i have to obey them as they think that they have an experience here...:SMILY346: wassalam
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    It is impossible to understand!!!

    :salam2: Jazakillah khair sister..! May Allah Guide us towards the right path.. (Ameen) wasalam
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    Which mobile phone do u have?

    :salam2: jazakallah ......for reminding us such a usefull things....!!! walaikumsalam
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    Marriage: working-wife or non-working wife?

    :salam2: As far as i know may be there more mens who would deffinetly not like her wife working then the mens who like her wife working..... walaikumsalam
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    stupid satan, put many questions in my mind

    :salam2: Lol.... walaikumsalam
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    :salam2: Use both ....!!!
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    A Letter....

    :salam2: yeah you are right ,but well dont know what to say.... yeah we have to e care full with that..... walaikumsalam
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    how do you....?

    :salam2: Urdu here... Well what should i say sister ....? you said every thing....Lol walaikumsalam
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    A Letter....

    :salam2: Please read this letter..... letter You will be happy that you read this all the way through! As you got up this morning, I watched you, and hoped you would talk to me, even if it was just a few words, asking my opinion or thanking me for something good...
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    Saying m***y christmas abusing who....?

    :salam2: Well i got a message so i wanted to forward it .......may Allah give hidayah towards the right (Islam) ...Ameeeeeeen.. The reason why I am posting this topic in this section is that this section is visited by many users(I want everyone to read this)Some of you might know what I am...
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    :salam2: Thanks for sharing this usefull message .....may Allah reward you for this (Aameen).... walaikumsalam
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    Is it sin to not wear scarf in .....?

    :salam2: Well I gotta question asked by my sister she says ;Is it allowed for a women to not wear scarf in her home .....she got no na-mehram in her house she is asking this because she have heard some hadith regarding this she says that it was in hadith that even if theres no na-mehram in her...
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    What is a Mahram in Islam?

    :salam2: jazakallah brother for sharing ....!!! walaikumsalam
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    70 Major Sins

    :salam2: Thank*!*!*! for sharing.... walaikumsalam