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  • Salam alaykum Ukhti,

    Nice to see you around. Terima kasih ya atas pic yand cantik bangat itu :)

    Hope everything is doing well with you. Take care.
    jazakallah khairan sister:eek:yep i love my sister:pinshallah i will be ukhti.

    sister sorry about not joining you on facbook.firstly til the 31st it's banned in my country:jumpclap:hehehe

    secondly i don't think i'll ever overcome my hatred for that site to switch in!!yeah i saw your thread about millat facebook,so maybe i'll sign in there sometime;)inshallah.i let you know
    take care ukhti
    hehehehe sis that's really funny:D:D:D:D you just thought i've ignored your mail without checking:p

    never mind sis atleast i got to talk to you because of that;)

    love ya sis


    it's a surpise you finally showedup:pi misssssss you tooo:(

    ukhti i replied to didn't get it:confused:
    i said i'm having papers and have deactivated my facebook account so i'd be joining you there like in a week or two:eek:
    hop you are in good health.......and that you studies are doing fine:p..........well it been so long that i haven't seen you online:(........just though i'd say salams:)
    missing you sis!!!
    may ALLAH guide us all.ameen:)
    loving you
    SOBHANALLAH!!!!my sister it's soooo good to see yur reply:D:D:D
    how are you doing sis:)
    it's been soo long....i see everybody is having tough time with their studies:)inshallah you'll do well ukhti:)
    hope you computer is conmpletely fixed as well:D
    i'll keeep you in my prayers inshallah....keep me in your prayers too:)
    i'm going crazy with my studies too hope i'll do good in my examz:confused:
    hope you are back soon:)
    loving ya!!!
    where's me sister:phope she is in the best of health and imaan.
    just thught i'd ask how are you doing and howz english going:)

    keep me in your duas sister.
    :(I MISS YOU:(
    Alhamdulillah, i'm fine... well, life isn't really good over here. Allah is testing me and i'm trying to be patient with it. make du'a for me.. inshaAllah
    Assalaamu alaikum wr wb ukhti:D:D:D:D:D

    aawww!!! i have been around dear sis!:D
    I am nt online as much as b4...jst hv been busy wif lyf lately!:D alhamdulillah tho:D
    tc sweety,
    may Allah bless you for checkin on me dear:D
    alhamdulilah sis am doin greatt
    how about u? hows everythin?
    why u loughin :D...i want to lough too
    wasalamu alaikum
    و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
    مرحباً أختي
    كيف حالك ؟
    عذراً لعدم تواجدي الفترة السابقة فقد كنت مشغولة جداً باختباراتي .. و ما زلت :(

    ادعي لي بالتوفيق
    شكراً لسؤالك :)
    wa alaykom salaam sister
    nice to see your message!
    alhamdulillah im your sister from Italy :D
    asalamoaikom my sister.hope you are doing fine and under ALLAH's mercy.:)

    well sis your are not a loely soul there.when it comes to speaking i'm fine with any language.but grammatical analysis is a tough n confusing thing.even for natives at times.may ALLAH help you out in your study.ameen:)
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