andi kumala dewi

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  • no probllemo sis;).ooooooooooo so now you got a test too:p.don't worry you'll do fine inshallah.i'll pray that you get 100%.:)what are your subjects......................sis what's the whether like there in indonesia.
    well my result wasn't that bad but it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be either.:)i did well in every other subject except urdu and got to work on them b4 the finals:)
    how about you.what are you upto these days.:)
    oh enggak sibuk mana pun
    cuma kne do a few house chores daily
    tapi itu kan memang kerja perempuan sih =)
    kamu bgmana dengan preparation?
    ok ka?
    kirim salam sama family ya =)
    hay sis i'm fine alhumdulillah .schools kinda busy and examz are over.thanks ALLAH:D

    it's been awhile that i talked to you.hope what ever was making you busy is gone and done:)

    btw sis sorrry for the late reply.was gone for amoment.:)
    yup cuti - semester break
    oh barangkali sbb itu jarang nampak kamu online kerna mau final
    all the best utk final ukhti =)
    waalaikummussalam warahmatullah
    khabar baik alhamdulillah
    enggak tidak sibuk sgt, skrang tengah cuti semester
    next week inshaAllah 2nd semester
    ukhti bgmana?
    masih ada kelas ke skrang atau sudah cuti?
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!.i can't believe you are actually nice to see you.:)(erm i mean your msg:tongue:)

    so how are you doing.:)
    jazakallahkhaira for the kind PM sis.means alot to me.:)i miss you too ukhti.

    hope you are enjoying the best of your life and imaan.:)

    take care sis:tongue:and keep me in your duas.

    ukhti how are you.:)hope you had a splendid eid.jazakallaha khiara for the greeting and sorry for the late reply:(........i was away.
    Assalamu alaikum sis
    thnxx for the card sis
    sorri for the late wish....beeen busy
    happi late eid mubarak
    hop u had wonderful one
    wasalamu alaikum
    Walekum Salam sister
    I am BACK :D
    Alhamdulillah am fine.. How are u doing? Hope things are well InshAllah :D
    I missed u sis :D
    take care sis...
    hope 2 hear frm u soon InshAllah :D
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