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  • As-salaamu'alaykum!

    I'm really sorry to hear that ukhii, may Allah give him a speedy recovery. Aameen.

    I'm ok Alhumdulillah. I've a bad headache ATM but it'll be fine inshaALlah :)
    How have you been keeping lately?

    Wow! MashaALah thats really good news ! So your mum's okay with it man? Sick. :)

    If you need anything sister, just let me know inshaALlah.

    Tc and please make tons of dua for me. My exams are like next weeek.

    Lotsa love
    im just in shock lol. MashaALlah just so happy.

    How are you finding things anyway ? Do your parents know ? (If you dont mind me asking :))


    Uhibbuki fillaah!

    Congratulation..Finally you have converted..Alhamdulilah..May Allah bless you and keep u strong in ur faith.ameen


    CONGRATULATIONS ukhtii!!!!!!

    mabroooooooooooooooooooook! A belated Welcome to you lol MashaALlah soooooooooooooooo happpy! Really sis, im so shocked lol. :D

    May Alah make every step easy for you.
    We're here for you if you need ANYTHING!

    Love, Asmaa
    Hey Diyaa, :)

    I know its been a while huh? Hope you're well and doing fine

    Tc and thank you for taking out the time to leave me a msg. :)

    Love, Asmaa
    oooh i see lol like asma then! :)
    Im very tired but i cant sleep :D its all the opposite lolll
    speak to u on msn sisss :D
    aww loll i thought it was ur mother tongue sis sowwwiii :shymuslima1: :D
    i was asking ''whats up'' lol kinda

    Hope we get to chat on msn inshaALlah!

    Would love to have a proper chat with you.. the other day sucked big tym :p

    Love u loads always

    nyt nyt

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