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  • salam!
    glad to see ya fine :D im also doin gr8! lolz yeah imm "aww only 15" :lol:
    u too take care!!
    I thought so! :) Divya divya Divya.. WOW :D totally gorj!

    Arrrrwwww, You know what they say: it takes one to know one ;) You're much sweeter mashaAllah :):)

    Yeh i know what you mean sis.
    So sis how long have you been studying Islam or any other religion you seem keen on? Personally, i love to study Religions. Withing boundaries ofcourse lol.

    Yup you too, have a smashing day :):)

    hey, i might be off ukhtii, looking forward to your reply inshaAllah!

    TC always,
    nyt nyt sleep tyt
    LOL, phew! thats a relief hehe :D

    Arrww you have Muslim mates? MashaALlah! God to hear man, good to hear :):)
    Divya? If you dont mind me asking sis, what religion did you used to follow before? You have a beautiful name too :)

    Luvya hun,

    Oh your most welcome sis, ;)

    Alhumdulillah i am bery bery bery well :D *very well lol*
    Just woke up a little while ago haha! i like ot sleep in on sundays :p had breakfast a littlw hile ago, gota go gym today :( i hate going there lol :D she makes me work out a little too hard haha! :D

    Arrrwww you do? Thank you darlin' :) Mind you, i used to dislike my name in the beginning lol but then when i found out what it means.. haha! i was rather pleased :D

    Soso whats your name? :)

    Utc2 sweet sis

    cya around hopefully,

    Love u :)
    Wassalaam :):)

    I see you're "undecided". Just want to to extend the hand of friendship beloved sister! :D

    TC always,
    Uhibbuk filLah

    Wassalaam :):):)

    Your sis, Asmaa
    Hello Diya how are you ??

    I misssssss you so much my beloved friend

    how is ur university ?? I hope all r okey
    I'm very busy with school these says

    When can I see in ur profile ur belief is Islam ?;)

    I waiting that day :)
    salamu Alaikum my BEAUTIFUL sis DIYAAAAAAAA:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    hw u been?:D
    man I missed our msn convo already
    jst been busy with school thats all inshaAllah we'll catch up:D
    huggsss n mwaaaaaaaahhsss Big sis looooooooooooooooool:D:D:D:D:D:D
    wasalam sis
    ohhh :) thats good so you knw Arabic or wat?:)
    AlhamduliAllah I have never been better thanks for asking sister:)
    Hello sweetie diya
    I'm fine Al7amdulillah but I'm very busy with schools .

    I'm ashamed of talking via MSN , I still have the MSN problems :shymuslima1:

    how about you ? I hope u r fine too .

    Thanks for asking honey :)
    :SMILY139::SMILY139:hello :D:D:D
    aamm I was jst checkin ur *about me* and it says u r "undecided":) and we used all *islamic* sayings on u....not that we dont wnt to or its bad but coz I daubt u understand their meaning? correct me if iam wrong:)
    hope u r doing wonderful:):):):)
    :hearts:your sister in Humanity:hearts:
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