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  • ok brother,I remember you now,I hope you're alright,it's good you made me know.I've never had so many firends in my life,except here.I'm glad there is you too there,just to be one more in my list.barak Allahu fik
    salam brother,how are you?I'm writing because I saw you are in my friendhip's list but I don't remeber of any Enminbey in it.would you tell me how did get my friendship?I'm sorry if I've disturbed you.take care
    Alhamdulillah we're muslims and we're alive to glorify our great LORD ALLAH the Almighty
    salam brother,it's unusual for me to write to the opposite gender,but in this case I know that there's nothing bad,because we muslims fear Allah.I only want to make you know that next week I'll go to Morocco for some months and maybe I'll not be able neither to post new messages,nor poems...Even if It will take much time to come back,please don't break your friendship.I like to have so many tti friends,that when I open my list,I think that I'm not alone.may Allah bless you.wa salam
    thank you very much brother.Allah gave me the weapons to fight and I'm waiting to come out
    thank you brother,I've been away from net in general for a while,i have to buy a new laptop to be able to login daily...
    Aslam Alaikom kaif halak akhi I havent seen you on this forum for awhile and was just wonderin how are you doing
    ,u're welcome ibn uthaymin brother;old chinese ; I like the way its written!
    its artistic
    Asslamu alaikum akhi,
    Hope all is fine with you. Thanks for your invite. Well i'm little too busy these days so i'm late to respond to the messages. Please excuse me for that. See you around akhi. Have a nice time.
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