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  • AlhamduliAllah sister, sometimes I am ok sometimes tired and sad. I guess this is life you can't be happy all the times, I try to sleep when I am tired , I recite Quran when I am sad. AlhamduliAllah it works. I am sure things will be ok by the will of Allah subhanahu wa taaala.
    Asalamu alaikim wa rahamatu Allah wa barakatuh , how are you sister, I hope every thing is fine?
    salam aleikum dear sister, alhamdullilah...i stay home because of the snow so at least thats good today, and you ? nice to see you
    it's about a week that I'm being in good health,alhamdulillah,I never forget Him,I hope you'll feel better reading my post and how much I love you for the sake of Allah(a love of a sister in Islam;>)
    salam dear sister,how are you?today I feel good alhamdulillah.I made the housworks but there is always a mess because my children made the revolution in here;)jus wanted to inform you that it's alright.hugs
    yes i understand..what can we do, i reed a book where speeks about the beneficials of prayers, that also helps actually phisicaly the body..i need to walk but is cold and i need to work in office.
    i was thinking to do something alse, how may i help other, what to do...i looked on internet for a place with orphan kids to donate some cloths, but on theyr site the woman director of the place said she does not like when everyone comes there to give all kinds of things
    that there is not a trash dumpster...seems even to help is hard..also the beggars from the street usually buy alchool withe the money..
    wa aleikum salam dear sister, at work..nothing special..my back hurts me little
    how are you ?
    Wa'alaykummusalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    I'm sorry I have to switch to VM since my PM inbox is always full.

    Alhamdulilla I am doing OK these days, just a bit busy with personal matter.

    Are you tired with the house chores or there's something bothering you? I pray that may Allaah put peace in your heart, inshaa Allaah.

    Well one thing you don't need to worry is that you always have us sisters in TTI besides you :)
    Assalamua'alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    How are you doing sister? Been a while since I had your VM :) Hope all is well for you inshaa Allaah.
    salam aleikum my dear sister, i wonder how are you these days, miss you, Allah be with you
    salam sister,it's pleasant from you to be interested to my health..well,you see,I'm living in a sort of dream from which I can't wake up.since I've known that I suffer of a kind of epylectic disease,I've been giving up everything.I have problems of memory,walking,heart weakness.I should have a break from every activity,but I'm not a lazy person.in april in sh Allah I'll go to Morocco and I will stay there as much as possible,to guarantee to my children a good future
    wa aleikum salam dear sister. . . well i am not too bad so alhamdullilah, try to face this cold and freezing wheater when i go out, in rest here home i am good...bit tired, how are you feeling ?
    wa aleikum salam, i just stay...nothing bad alhamdullilah but i feel little weird, out is blizzard and the walk to work and home back got me more tired then the work itself, here is all white and ice, how are you feeling ? nice to see you
    AlhamduliAllah dear sister, i am ok but not feeling healthy........me too I didn't sleep well but alhamduliAllah we can't count the bounties of Allah ....we should never forget the favours of Allah subhanahu wa taaala.
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