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  • Salam alakum, its alright brother. The other Quran commentary was Tafheemul Quran in English [Towards Understanding the Quran] by by. Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi,
    sister i am not from afghanistan but i am afghan.i am originally from pakistan.
    all the pakhtun ppl are afghan btw.
    salam sister freedom fighter,
    i thought every Afghan can speak pakhtu.well,my assumption can be wrong
    i am afghan cos every pakhtun is afghan but i am from Pakistan.
    anyways,we are muslims and we are bounded by a very strong relation and that is islamic sisterhood.
    any new pc games????????
    try zuma.
    Lol ..did everyone automatically assume you were a brother just because of your username? Thats so funny :rolleyes:

    eh ur a sister???????????
    i think u play alot of pc games?.......hummmmmmmmmmmmm
    i have played this game FREEDOM FIGHTER
    but sis can u explain AFGHANISTAN pls
    Wasalaam sis! :D

    Hope you have a nice day too insyaAllah! :) I had a big cup of mocha and now feeling a bit woozy- too much caffeine for me. Stay away from coffee! (lol, so random)

    Salaam Sister FreedomFighter,

    All this while, I keep thinking you're a brother! Haha.

    Well, hope you are in the best of health and imaan sister insyaAllah! Take care :D

    Sis Asha
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