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  • Thank you ukhti! I wore hijab first time yesterday, went to the market, shops, a restaurant. It was an... interesting experience. :D
    yaar i saw the thread where u wrote tht u miss me
    sister aghar mein tumharey pass hoti..mein itni zoor ka ap ko hug kerti ..seriously yaar..u r the best..i love u sooo much..u have no idea..
    inshallah msn per baton gee
    apna kehyal rekhna
    hugs and kisses
    walikum salam meri piyari si behan
    aww..jazakallah kahir sis for askign abt me...
    ya i have an exam today and i was lil busy..tell u on msn
    and HAPPY RAMADAN to you too sweety
    i love uuuuuuuuu
    apna kehyal rekhna
    wa aleikum salaam
    THNX =D same to u !!
    I know I've been busy aranging stuff.
    But now I'm totally back available!
    How are u?? And ur family?
    Hope all is well with them.

    Wa Allaicumu Sallam dear sister

    InshAllah you are fine. Jazzak Allah khair and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your familly.:hijabi: May Allah accept your fasting.Ameen

    That's great sister. Humanities is what i am doing too..
    Insya Allah you will succeed in what you are doing. Tc and Happy Ramadhan!
    Salam dear sister
    hope life pass well. hw s ur teaching still ur students r naughty hahah?
    what s up? im just home n passing vacations n ramadhan s coming so warm weather here n long days pray Allah help us so we perfom all ebadats well. ok take care
    Wassalam sister,

    I am doing nothing much actually. Uni is starting this oct, Insya Allah. How old are you anyway? What r u studying?
    :salam: sister. Everything's fine, alhamdulillah. I want to start wearing hijab. I practiced in front of the mirror today, and now am looking at different styles. I wish I had an undercap! But they're not available here.
    I'm study in the Scientific section , the third year and the final one .

    but now as u know we are on vacation :)
    و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

    I'm doing well thanks for Allah .
    and u , how are u doing ?
    lol.. i wish i was there.. im not living there. thanks sis. im also in college, school kinda college. jazakAllah khayran. take care too.
    :wasalam: im fine, thanks. how are you? i dont realy know, but whats going on.. soldiers everywhere on the streets, more bombs.. Allahu a'lam. jazakAllah khayran.
    am not married yet...but many of my freinds are.....about my life i study at univercity engeneering................mashAllah i can see u have many freinds.........all of them from S Arabia
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