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  • Wa alaikum assalam! Heeeeeeeeeeey - I feel like its been practically AGES since I talked to you last. Thanks for the following :) I've been suffering from blogger's block recently, no idea what to post at all! Oooo, I will check out your blog for sure. Tell me, how're you? What's happening? It's been raining constantly over here, so I'm happy.
    Anyhow...good night! Hope yu dont have nightmares about dooli yaal.:p uhibbuki fillaah macaaneeey! One of these days, ima call yu habeen barka..like waqtiga salaat subah!hehe so dont turn off the phone..
    Salaam 3alaik ubax xirsi!loool I know magacaada!;) TC
    Oh already??? Bax bax haye.. I knew you'd eventually get sleepy! Children nowadays saas waaye y'know
    . We can talk Mar kale insha'allah! Haha too cheese, yes. Love yu too lakin!;) Sleep tight...
    LOL, fine.. No more talk of doolis! But dude you're such a gabar!:D c'mon, be a man!<< I dont mean it literally yaah so intaa baxdid weight lifting ha bilaawin..:p
    And yesh, yu got tht right! Never ask a night owl why ee usoo jeedaa!=)
    So anywho, why did I not see yu at the convention, gurlie??
    Lol it probably needs a break since yu use it soo darn much. BUt waan usoo duceeynaa..ilaahey ha cafiyo miskiinka.:D

    Haha hey, am just being real!:p some mice are nice dude..so small , their skin soo smooth.. Dontcha think?lol we've like 2 in our house(Luke and Johnny) and unfortunately, they're not Muslims..they refuse to revert. One day we're gonna have to inaa weerar Ku qaadno.:DHehe, I woke up almost Asr aniga, and besides, when did 'i' ever sleep early? That was ur thing.=)
    Well I didn't receive any txt so perhaps qof kale baa accidentally ugu dirtey!:p

    Haha, am glad marka! I was hoping you'd be alright.... LoL who am I kidding! Waxaan kugu duceynaaye inuu doli kusoo qaniino!:p

    Yeah I noticed it's waaay past ur curfew...what would momma say if she saw yu awake xilligaan.hehe. But really, why hurdo la'aanta? Yu prolly had one too many qaxwo..=D
    Hey meri dost!:p I'm stealing some Urdu frm sis Saima..=)
    Haye lakin, how r ya? We didn't talk for almost 2 weeks ma'ahanoo..?:( naughty child.. Ya dont kno how to keep in touch. Tsk tsk!:p oh and How was the camping trip? Seen any lil bugs?(farobadne especially,=D)

    Salaam 'alaik warahmatullaah walaaley!
    Wa alaikum assalam! There you are, sis! You know, I was on the verge of putting in a missing person report for you. :) Alhamdulillah, yes, I reached here safely and am now settled in. I'm doing good, alhamdulillah. :) Wow, great to hear about MN - hehe, keep me posted on what's going on there and all. Sounds like you're having a busy summer, I hope your classes are going great. Don't worry, if you get bored in class, you can imagine pretty scenery still, and dolphins splashing around, lol. I've missed talking to you sooooo much, it feels awesome to get back in touch.. I'm in the Northern part of India, probably the most boring city too, lol. Though it's rained here yesterday so the weather is a bit bearable. Love you!
    Where are you, siiiis??? You haven't been on TTI for a while - maybe you're on vacation? Having fun? Hmm, I bet you're somewhere with awesome pretty scenery, perhaps somewhere not too hot with tons of water around you, and with dolphins splashing about, eh? :) :)
    Assalamualaikum sis! Oh my, it feels like I'm on TTI after ages and ages. How are you doing? Awww, your previous message was so sweet :( I know, I used to somehow wish I could have met you too :(
    Life here is so difficult and tough - the weather is way too hot, and there's so much dust here, and I keep getting sick everytime I eat anything outside. Sniff... sniff... but I'm coping with it.
    How are you doing? Tell me what's been going on. Gosh, I've missed you so much!!!
    LOL! who said i was hiding..?:D but i'm working undercover nooh ma'ogid miyaa adi see camal!
    Haha xoog badanaa, yu aint the only ubax saaxib, and i wouldn't ask for ur moni when i can simply xad it..after all, professional baan ku ahay waxaas due to the practices i've had in Kenya!:p

    Wallahi wabillahi i dnt even know hadaan kudhahone..most of them were at guriyaha dadoow. this last one was at my aunt's friend's house up in Still Water. The lady's husband nd I have the same kind kullahaa, lol. so i cant say kiisa is mine y'know..hehe.
    ur on line..! balooow!:D Dude, abti bought me the last 5 so i cnt ask him again nd skool ended so i dont c 'friends' anymore<something, I am NOT complainin bout..!lol i need a break, hehe. but ima xad lacag from ubax nd go to T-mobile biri insha'allah;)
    As-salaamu `alaik ukhtiyeey!

    guess whatt adne?! I lost my charger..!:( fonekayne has no battery. It's in the baseement with dooiyaasha all alone..*_* This is basically the 5th time i'm losing it in just about 2 months..! hada i don't even want a phone aan taaganahay..! Atleast ipod aa wadattaa adi.. what am i gonna do..? hooyo and them back home are gonna think i'm ignoring them hada cos foneka wuu damsanyahay.. AND graduation is in less than a week.. oh btw, yu really wanna come miyaa adi? to the graduation i mean. ..we didnt get a chance to talk bout it when i Had a fone!
    Insha'allaah, adi just pm me the number..if yu get a new one that is. LOL, who knows if i can get away wit it this time around..after all, ive other tricks up my sleeves oo adiga ogeen..!;) y'kno once at our skool, lost and found waxaa ku dhax jirey, pad!hahaha..i wonder yee ka dhacdey waxaas??! worse, why would they put that in there tho? qashin la'aan inee skool keena yahay bee ka dhigeen! we DO have wase baskets..!:[ ppl wee waalanyihiin..lol
    PMkey is 98% full,,, so ima clean it first before aad ii imaadid nooh! i like martidey inaan ka farxiyo ani..:D but sorry, xagaan shaax maka cabno so yu'll hafta bring ur own..lol
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