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  • Owh! Hahaha I haven't really paid much attention to my txts maalmahaan..:S but still, I said it before you on HERE!;P

    B-ville? What if I get kicked out huh? Outsiders aren't aloud in laisoo dhaho mass rabtaa..?
    Hmph! ;P Kidding! But dude, I don't think I can drive all the way there on my own..and at night time. Y'kno, I haven't driven beyond sin Bowl yet..hehe. And I can't ask ubax..she has some sorta addiction with this maajid..Ihsaan, you heard of it? So she doesn't wanna go to the others.!:( but lakin, a quick question? How many masjids are there in Burnsville?? Lol I've been to one before(twice. Cos of funerals. We had to pray janaaza up there cos they were getting buried at the burial near it). Although it was quite spacey...it didn't have a curtain or something between the guys and the gals... Caadi aa laisku arkaa!:( and the lounge/hall area had hard wood floors. There were bench looking things on the side, darbiga bee kudhaganyihiin.. so is that the one you go to?
    So I've guessed wrong again. . .*sigh* wish you knew more. friends from Lahore and Karachi seems to tell you no more that Lahore and Karachi *grins* Good~ because I'm rather enjoying myself now*smile*

    Keep on guessing*grins*
    Howdy, neighbor!;p

    Ramadhaan kareeeeem ukhtiyeeey!:D 2 down, 28 more taraaweeh's to go!hehe
    Eww I know right?! :/ I'd be too disgusted, and alhamdulillah, my parents haven't forced me to get a summer job at subway... *yet* lol.

    Annnnd yup, hopefully. How was your first day of Ramadan? :D
    I see. . .You've been visiting Akhi sachin's profile, eh? Nah not Islamabad, not ethnically anyway. I was born and bread (*smile* bred, I know) in Islamabad but that's not where I'm from. Love this city though.

    Khair tho hay? (everything okay?) *grins*
    Yeah that's true.. I've been making dua for her, and that's all I could do, right. We'll see what happens insha'Allah.
    And that's great! :D I've been a bum this summer, and I was supposed to start working as well (at Subway [Eww] lol alhamdulillah I didn't have to).. Oh well. :p I'd rather stay at home and go on TTI, lol. ^__^

    And yeaa, I guess I'll keep my username then. Reminding people of Allah, that's some slick Dawah. ;) lol jk.
    About being nervous.. Umm.. It's kinda like my *first good Ramadan* because last Ramadan, I failed miserably! So I have high expectations for this Ramadan, and yeah.. May we all be productive this Ramadan and heap up some good deeds! Ameen. :D :D
    Well not that LOT! but yeah we do have somalis here=) I had one girl and 3-4 boys in my class. but sister had about 4 girls 5 boys, I think.

    LOl! the way you said every where. Sure! be my guest. I'd LOVE that sis!

    None actually=)
    Yeah lol virtual me; ) I'm happy to be able to talk to you again too.

    Yeah I'll have to search for her profile sometime. I'll VM her Inshaa'Allah.

    Masha'Allah really? that's interesting. Somalis are real good at learning urdu. Loads in here speak it well.
    Ahaha walaykum assalam!! :D :D

    Welllll.. Let's just say, I tried. I tried to talk about it all, but I guess my words just went through one ear and came out the other one. :( She says she's not involved in it anymore, but I know that's not true (Partially because I'm witnessing it, lol). It's still happening. Well, allahu 'alam. I guess I'll just continue to talk to her insha'Allaah, what else can I do? :p

    So how's it going with you? How's summer going? Oh and Ramadan Mubarak! I'm so nervous this Ramadan..:SMILY26::SMILY26:

    AND YES!! Cuz I'm cool like that. Cookie Monsta in the house. :cool: :cool: :D OMG I should change my username to that. :D Dunno if that's possible, looool.
    lol me or my VM. Yeah man, missed you sooooooo much during my self imposed bann. How's suhanah? Is she around these days? Are we able to post on her wall. YOu know what I mean *smile*

    Glad to see you message. see you around.
    BTW.. It's almost 4 in the morn.(or very late I night? Idk) and I wanted to cross off 'call ubax' on my to do list but waan kaa naxey..aint i sweet?:p plus my phones seems to be dying..so ima hafta stop using it nd charge it.looks like yu got lucky tonite.. Well, there's always tmrw night(haduu Ilaahey nagaarsiiyo) =D
    Hahaha hey better that than ending up in an 'arranged' marriage! I know Somali 'rents loooove that sorta thing! My Aabo is still stuck on the "I'm marrying all my daughters to Oromo qaraabo's" crap..ugh! And besides, yu ain't got to worry.. Ima let yu raise some of my kids..;)hehe jk

    No waay! Big Marina's food ma jiro! Holy Land is the bomb!!=D I went there like a dozens of times dude.. Though not in the Ramadhaan! Owhh that's beautiful wallah..! I love seeing Muslims praying in public without a care to the by passers..*sigh* am def going there this Ramadhaan i'A. U'know I drive now...?.:D I could stop by ur place, pick yu up nd then we're gonna take a lil visit to Holy Land's meat section...:p I'll even by yu a Maskax for Iftaar!LOL
    yeah ukhti, I was aware of that!;) the more deeny one tht I remember is "who are the believers..?". Or something close to that?:D ima hafta go back there again..hehe
    No, I thought the posts were pretty focused :) And they're more in depth than the posts I write on my blog, which is very good - I think I'm keeping my blog more towards a basic dawah project aimed at non-muslims, but it seems only muslims come to my blog, lol. I wonder how to reach out to the nons... maybe one of them will stumble across it eventually.
    And I've checked out your blog..!=] Quite interesting if I say so myself! The only one I finished reading was the happiness one,lol. Me likey!:D I skimmed through the rest.. But will go back again soon insha'allah ;] our little ubaxeey is growing up...sharing her thoughts with Everyone!awwh :p
    Hehe by the time you're a wife, I'm probably walking around with a stick from old age!:p but whatever makes ya happy deary, my offer still stands though. So I'm ready whenever yu are!;P
    Lol. No definitely not Google..;) and baby yu have no idea just how special yu are...min ashoofik adganna!<< that last bit af carabi waaye. This duq guy aa Mar idhahey..lol. He said it means something like 'whenever i see yu, yu drive me crazy'!hahaha I've never met a shaxaari like him..
    And FYI, you'd be surprised to know just how many ppl out there enjoy eating tongues! Have yu ever been to Holy Land, that one carab maqaaxi/xalaal in Central mnpls?? Oh my Rabb! Their meat area is sooo disturbing wallah! You're getting grossed out by carrab but yu haven't seen anything yet walaaley!:D
    Hey, your blog looks awesome - I just read over some of it, and it's pretty amazing :) Keep at it.
    Lol. Nope, can't tell ya! It's a secret!:D I'm quite good at 'stalking' dee!:p andd, i even kno the street yu live on...but I'll keep that info to myself as to not scare yu off!hehe no no, I will call you either ways! Not now though, but in the near future insha'allah! It's on my To Do list nooh so I can't just not call yu.:D
    Hm, heart2heart yaah!definitely. Ima check it out insha'allah. If yu ever happen to talk about cuntooyin as a topic, lemme kno.. I'll give yu the 411 on bariis, baasto iyo cambuulo and of course calooleey(my personal favorite, :p lol). Also, Carab(tongue) and Maskax! LOL and soo much more.;)
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