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  • I am also fine Alhumdulilaahi katheeran. Its still scorching heat here no reprieve.

    When will you back to India?
    I am preparing for applying in Jamia in masters as well as BITS.
    Ameen to your dua and jazakallahu khayr.

    Oh ma sha' Allah vacations just in time for Ramadan :)
    In sha' Allah I will remember you in duas, remember me as well.
    Bro its hot here everyday 40 degrees and more 43 in districts and on top that power cuts, I heard in your city there are 8 hour power cuts ?
    wa 'alaikumassalam warahmatullah brother,
    I have been busy so was not able to come online much sorry.Alhamdulillah everything is well,preparing for a few exams,make du'a for me in sha' Allah.
    How are things with you?Hows life?
    Assalamualaykum Anna, hows it going. I know you lost alot of weight by now. Keep eating those fishes from the sea
    Walaykumsalaam waa rahmatullahi,

    I hope you are doing well Alhamdulillah. Thanks for your nice message. It's good to hear from you also.

    May Allah taala keep us firm on the straight path. Ameen

    Walikum Assalam: Dear E(I)lyas :)

    Hope you are to the best of health and Imaan,InshaAllah.

    Sorry,its today that after a prolonged pause,I logged-in on TTI,so couldn't respond to your message earlier.

    I have done my best that Absolute truth of Islam reaches each and every mature member of my family. Many of them resonate,Alhamdulillah. The best thing is that my Dad has rounded off idol worship. I do not know,InshaAllah and AllahuAalim,he might have accepted the truth as I find him completely changed with his attitude towards Muslims and Islam.

    What's new from your part?. May Allah (SWT) shower His utmost blessings upon you and your family.

    wa alaykum salam,

    Depends which articles they are. I do mind if they were made by me, - and there should be no privacy issues as you have the option of posting anonymously here brother.
    Walikum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu: Dear Ilyas.

    Hamdulillah,I am fine. And struggles are part of our test in this Dunya.

    Hope you too are to the best of health and Imaan,InshaAllah. Ya,brother it has been a long span since our last interaction.

    Last time I think I wrote a comment on your thread when you cleared the interview and were recruited for some post in navy.

    Keep in touch. Take care.

    Assalam alykum, just felt like saying "hi". Hope you are doing well, im sorry if this is to nosey, but whats your profession?
    wa`alaykum us-salaam warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

    Ramadaan Kareem to you to brother! Thanks for the message.
    Walikum Assalam: Dear Ilyas.

    I am also sorry that I also didn't wish you Ramadan Mubarak. Anyway,Ramadan Mubarak to you and all of your family members. May Allah (SWT) accept your Ibadat in the month of Ramadan.

    Well from my side honestly I am bit struggling both spiritually and mentally. Fasting haven't been smooth this year. Need your Du'aa that Allah (SWT) strengthen my feet and amplify my Imaan.

    Hope you must doing well,InshaAllah.

    Take care.

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