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  • Salaam its me agian!

    Very very very nice to see you online ukhti!
    Hows everything going?
    InshAllah everything is well :)

    Take care x
    Salaam, sorry for signing out so abruptly yesterday, :shy:
    i was in a hurry, so i thought id juz drop by n say salaam.

    SALAAM :):)
    wa'alaykum asalaam wr wb aww jazakillaah sister alhamduillaah my father id doing well now alhamdulillaah :) baraka Allaahu feki ukhtiii
    Assalamu Alaikkum dear sister
    May Allah (SWT) give salamath to your father very soon Insha Allah.:tti_sister:
    asalaamu'alaykum wr wb. jazakillaah for the nasheed and for letting me know about the visitors message :) may Allaah ta'ala bless u ameen! inshaAllaah u are in my du'aas. tc *!*!*!x
    alhamdulillaah i'm good ukhti inshaAllaahu u are doing well, keep me in ur du'aas, inshaAllaah u are in my du'aas sister :) so i want to know if u dnt mind telling me can anyone view each others visitors message orrr???
    wa'alaykum asalaam sisters. ooohhhh so this is the visitors message??!! loool baraka Allaahu feki sisters :D
    salaam alaikom is everything ok?

    sister well i guess that is the visitor msg like sister Muslima 16 told you and i am happy too to be the second

    take care sister byee
    Assalamualykum sister,
    How are you? i pray you are in the best of health.
    Thought i'd be the first one to post a visitors message!! :lol:
    Take care
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