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    Muslim Names Game

    :salam2: Rahima
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    Accept my leave

    Amiiiiiiiiiin Aminnnnnn..:tti_sister::tti_sister::tti_sister::tti_sister:may Allah accept your and our du'aa inshallah.
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    Accept my leave

    Mashallah :salam2: jzk brother for sharing..very touching, I wish to marry this type man inshallah and raise mujahideen children who will stand for this Deen.
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    Planning to get married in 2011?

    Mashallah! :salam2: I am planing by 2012 inshallah, but who knows Allah is the best planner, if He bless me with right brother this year aka 2011, why not. I will go for it. Aslama Aleikum
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    "Yatim" - Short rhyming poem.

    wow :salam2: brother mashallah amezing poem..what can I say. Wallahi I love orphan and these poem made me increase for orphan. jzk keyran for sharing wiht us
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    Haasabu Anfusakum Qabla an Tuhaasabu!

    mashallah :salam2: jzk keyran for sharing
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    *Sweet as Honey* getting married!!

    WasSalamu 'Alaykum[/B]loll//kkkkkkkkkkk I know Right????? Inshallah our sister sakeena I will be in my du'aa sorry I don know much abt this topic so can't give u better advice...
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    *** YOU CAME TO ME***

    mashallah :salam2: sisters and what can I say..well said sis..May Allah beless you and your family. amezing and touching. Jzk keyran for sharing wiht us
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    How long do you sleep?

    I sleep 7 to 8, there times I sleep 4 to 5 but thats rare. yea alhamdulillah, but I wish I can be one those who sleep less and do worship Allah for rest of the night:salah:. Qumi leyla illa qalilaa. may Allah make one of those inshallah..amin:tti_sister::tti_sister:
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    mashallah sister,well analyzed, I could't agree more, only Allah knows how many drops will fall each place on earth. Allah said " wamaa utitum minal ilmii illa qalila" we are only given little bit of the knowledge. Allah knows best
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    Forgive me

    hey hatuu, asiraa argatee nati ergitee mii?? mashallah jzk keyrann uhkti..mucaa kankee..:salah:
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    Forgive me

    mashallah this amezing, may Allah gran you and your family the highest Jannah and all muslimeen. I love it, it really touched my heart!!
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    Why your name?

    I am belessed to call have as muslim brother..but are you sure you weren't 7 when you sing up for
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    Why your name?

    Kubra is my real name and 2002 is the year I left my Homeland Ethiopia but I am not Ethiopian I am Oromo
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    the picture that killed my heart.....

    Alhamdulillah :salam2: thanks brother for sharing this wiht us..wallahi its amezing, Allah bellesd us with so much we shooud be thankful for what we have.