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  • wa allaicum salam wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu dear sister

    Jumaah Mubarak from me to you aslo and your beloved family.:hijabi: I pray that Allah accept all your duas on this blessed day. ameen

    May Allah bless you always

    Walaikum Wasalam Ukhti!!! Ameen and I wish the same and much more for you InshAllah. May Allah swt make you among the best of His servants. Ameen!
    you too habeebti, shookran :) how are you? hows life in Sharjah? are you studying?

    hope things are well for you
    Srry for late reply bt busy in studies :D Jumma mubarak to u too dear sisi! *hug* Allah bless you and ur family ameen!
    whts up these days?
    Wa'alaikumussalam Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu!!!

    jazakillahu Khairan & same to you!!!.....:)

    May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah and Grant us the Jannah... Aameen


    May Allah bless u tooo my dear sister

    mubarak u too sister

    jazakallah khair for remind me again:D

    take care


    This is for you..............

    Walekum Assalam sister,Alhamdulillah im fine by the grace of Allah Azzawajal,hope your in the best of health & Emaan

    Jazakallah Khair
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