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  • Maha sister, can you pm me your email add so i can ask you something.I can rarely login ot TTI as i am having some problems.Thank you so much!
    Asalamo`Alaykum MAHA!!!!!!!!! OMG! i have been looking out for you for so looonng :)! I hope you are in great health! where have you been and how are you??i have been sending emails but i havent got a reply...did you change your email?or are you angry with me?If so, im extremely sorry. Btw, thank you so much for the books!! Please, reply back.
    اسلام عليكم و الرحمت ا لله وا بركاته

    I have now enabled visitor messaging. Amidst all the protests going around in the middle east, I am wondering how good will it be if it is not Islam that we are seeking to establish? Because history will then repeat itself is the cause of this change is this dunya, as the dunya will make even the good people corrupt eventually. Plus, sister, do you know anything about what is actually going on in Libya, other than what the media is saying?
    So now, the secret police now that they now they will no longer be under Shafik's mercy, they have burnt down their offices, shredded papers of their horrific acts, shot live bullets and tear gas bombs at those protesters trying to save the papers and there have been a few life-threatening injuries. I hear the army has intervened and arrested the police but the situation is very unstable overall. They have so far done this in only 3 offices I think, so I'm guessing they'll be trying to cause lots of havoc in the next few days.
    Brother Mohammed, I am unable to post a visitor message to you because you have disabled that option.

    The situation right now is very tense to be honest. There are no protests as of right now, today was just a celebration that the Prime Minsiter Ahmed Shafik resigned (or got fired in my opinion after his catastrophe for an interview he had the previous day which showed that he is ignorant and an idiot no different than Mubarak). Assigned by Mubarak before he left, so we didn't expect better, right? So today the newly hired Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, actually came today to Tahrir Square and talked to us and he chanted all the rights we are demanding without us even asking him to do so. He is a very decent man and I have faith in him inshaa Allah and just so you know he was in the protests during the very first day mashaa Allah.
    جزاكي الله خيراً شاهدت الفيدوهات الخاصة بها أيضاً وتم إبلاغ المسؤليين والله المستعان..والله أنا مع حل جهاز أمن الدولة هذا ومع حل الداخلية بالكامل ولكن للأسف لا يمكن فعل هذا لأنهم سيتحولون إلى عناصر تهريب وترويع للمواطنين الأبرياء ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله..فعددهم ليس بالهين وحسبي الله ونعم الوكيل في الأنظمه السابقة وليس النظام السابق فقط
    It makes you wonder, what was behind him finally throwing the towel in? I suspect is was due to pressure from forgeign government, perhaps, i.e. the US. Allahu a3lam.

    Alahamdulilah things are well.. yeah InshAllah, I'm quite excited! How's your uni and studies going, pharmacy right?

    Sis, are many people there mentioning Palestine, are there any thoughts being spurred on that at all? Ya Allah, I'd love for the Rafah border to be stormed..
    Wow mash'Allah, sounds like fun. I saw a clip of Khalid Said's mother recieving the news, was so sad. :(

    LOL @ the 'Thank You Mubarak' thing, I think some people just enjoy gathering in Tahrir square. Since it's jumu'ah, they should do a 'Thank You Allah' celebration instead, consisting of immense thikr!

    Yeah definitely, people need to start going back to their daily lives so the country aen function properly again. However.. Mubarak has gone, but the regime is still in place.. ? If nnothing changes at all then the whole effort won't be as significant, so it's quite a difficult situation.

    Oh cool, yeah I heard they had extended it, not all parents are happy, lol.

    SubhanAllah, how brilliant. I take it there's been much celebration since?
    The Muslims here were over the moon, everyone's like 'Alhamdulilah, Alhamdulilah', lol. The patience and perserverance of the country really paid off, Alhamdulilah. And now, there are protests in Algeria, Yemen and Iran; it's like the whole region/ummat is waking up! To be honest, I'm kinda surprised Mubarak went so early, I thought he wasn gona try and hold on for much longer, Alhamdulilah.

    Mash'Allah, that's so awesome, InshAllah the rest of your days will be those of freedom.

    How have things been since then? You guys must be enjoying the break, with schools and uni's all closed. :)

    Once again, very happy for you. Hope your situation and country both improve tremendously, InshAllah.
    Mabrouk ya Mahaaaa, alf mabrouk!!!!! Very happy for you all, Alhamdulilah.

    Were you in Tahrir square at all?

    Asalaamu'alaykum =)
    Aw sis, like the Prophet peace be upon him said, ''A believer is like a brick for another believer, the one supporting the other.''

    I'm glad you're okay, hope you and your family remain that way, InshAllah. We haven't spoken for more than a year, hope everything else is also well with you too. =)

    The Egyptian people have gone this far, it's important to remain patient and to keep steadfast and strong, and then InshAllah success will come.

    My biggest hope right now is that Mubarak falls, and that the rafah border falls with him.
    Thank God you finally updated us in the thread, walahi was worried.

    So much dua from the Muslims here to our Egyptian brother and sisters. We're all stuck to Al Jazeera.

    Victory will come soon inshAllah. Stay safe sis, asalaamu'alaykum.
    Assalam aleikum dear sister! :) How are you? Didnt talk for a while, i have been abroad and busy a lot. Hope youre fine inshAllah, get back with your news!! *huuugs*
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