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  • As-salamu alaikum, sorry sis, didn't know it was you. Anyway, I've added you already. See , I don't add strangers. loool
    w'alaikum asalam sis, greetings from afar don't count,sis. I didn't know you know where I live, that leaves you no excuse then. At least give me a phone call. I'm glad anyway to hear fm u and love you,too, for the sake of Allah.
    please don't be sorry that you made me cry, I am gald that you did. Crying is a good thing, if it brings you closer to Allah. The ones who cry in the fear of Allah, they will be in Allah's shade on tne day of judgement.

    Ya Allah give my sister the ability to weep in the early hours of the morning, and purify her soul with Your rememberance, so that with every breath she rememebers You. Aameen!!
    I am lost for words ukhti, you have such a beautiful soul, and thank you for making me cry, for my eyes have been dry for too long. I don't understand what you see in me, in reality i am a broken soul searching and yearning to be with Allah, and I know that I am very far from Him, and how I feel distressed to know that I am so far from Allah, My Lord.

    I really wish my soul was shining with iman. But I am far from shining.

    I do know you , we were friends welll before you know it, for I can see you are close to Allah, a caring and beautiful soul you carry.
    Salam Alekum sis
    Alhamdulillah am fine and Ramadan is going grt :D
    I was born in Kenya and grew up in USA... ur frm Egypt?
    Walekum Salam sis

    How are u sis? Hows Ramadan going 4 u? Hope InshAllah everything is fine :D

    YEAHHHHH we betta win the next game InshAllah.. We have tooooooo!!!! Lolz no worries they will go DOWN!!!!!! GOOOO SISTERS!!!!!

    Lolz u lyk my goat? Its not my real goat.. I just lyk it.. my friend send the pic 2 me...

    Yeah i live in USA.. Am born Muslimah Alhamdulilah :)
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