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    Asalaamu alaikum. :D

    Asalaamu alaikum. :D
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    Dream about Dajjal??

    Hehe Alhamdulilah :biggrin: Many Muslims r having dreams about Dajjal does that mean we're getting very close to his arrival?? :confused-82:
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    Converted from Mormonism

    Asalam alaikum sister Natalie. I am a convert from Christianity and can def relate to you. We can be friends In Shaa Allah you have my support and friendship. :D
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    no money for abaya :(

    Asalamu alaikum brothers and sisters. :) I'm okay Alhamdulilah. Well, I can't work due to my health so I'm home most of the time. I had my hopes on saving some money to buy myself a new abaya In Shaa Allah. :D But I don't have enough to buy a good quality abaya - which are over $50. Is there...
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    Question: Is smoking weed haram?

    I've smoked it before (didn't know it was harram at the time though n thought it wud help my health). I wouldn't recommend it. Makes me act crazy n I thought the ceiling was singing to me. After my reactions to it I knew well that something wasn't right. Alhamdulilah I'm clean now. :D
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    I am still unable to check my inbox. :(

    I am still unable to check my inbox. :(
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    Question: access my inbox :/ please help

    Asalam alaikum. I can't get to my messages in my inbox to reply. It keeps telling me there are no messages but I know there are.
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    My life now

    In Shaa Allah I need some help but tired of turning to nonmuslim therapists who don't know the Deen to help me in accordance to it nor do I like non-professional Muslims who help me half the time and the rest of the time end up hurting me and complain they can't deal with it anymore...
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    My life now

    Asalaamu alaikum cuppy cakessssss. :D first of all, I can't find the bright pink color I use for my words. No fair guys. :p Weell, I'm back everyone. Alhamdulilah. A lot has happened since my 5 year absence from TTI...... In 2010 I started going to college because my mom told me to 'try it out...
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    I am 26 years Old, is it too late for me to marry? Please Advice

    Asalam alakikum a sister n good friend has told me about a relative who is looking to marry---but not right away. Looking at two years from now and by then I'll be 26 In Shaa Allah. ;)
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    Asalam alaikum

    I will In Shaa Allah. :)
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    Asalam alaikum

    Asaalam alaikum. Life has been difficult... sigh. where to start.. *eats cookies, nom nom* :/ went thru some very hard tests.... :( I miss Aapa too. Sister Herb! I missed u too love bug. :)
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    Asalam alaikum

    Asalaam alaikum. I've returned everyone. :hijabi:
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    Hadiths on Jumu'ah

    Asalam alaikum brothers and sisters. I'm looking for a hadith about why it's so important for husband to go to Jumu'ah early every Friday. Is there such a hadith??? I can't find it on the net. :girl3: Please post it please thank you so much. :hijabi:
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    Some suggestions for a new story please :D

    Asalam alaikum, thank you sisters!! I'll think of something InshaAllah. :D :D :D