Alhamdlillah, I'm back


Im Proud 2 B Me!
Asalam aleekum,

I'm back....lolz

I just want to say I Missed everyone....

Anyway, alhamdlillah surgery was successful although very very painful. Many of my friends and family members told me that the surgery would be a piece of cake, but that was not a piece of cake. I was hospitalized for one week after surgery. Alhamdlillah I feel much better....

I'm typing from my iPod right now so I'll write more once I stop feeling lazy and get on my laptop....

Salam with love,


Good to see you back! Alhamdullilah the surgery was successful. What surgery is easy? May Allah continue to heal you dear sister.:hijabi:


:wasalam: ukhti :)

Alhumdulillah u r bak :D . welcome come back lol.. ..

Many of my friends and family members told me that the surgery would be a piece of cake, but that was not a piece of cake.
:lol: :lol: :lol: .....sowwie :p .. this made me laugh :lol:

May Allah (swt) grant you good health and give you patience and strength- Ameen.

jazakallah khair :)



Servant of Allah
Asalamu Alaikum ukhti. glad to have you back. may Allah swt give you shifa. ameen.
wasalamu Alaikum.
take care, and becareful until you fully heal.

Aisya al-Humaira

الحمدلله على كل حال
Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister,

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allaah for everything.

Hope you will recover fully very soon inshaAllaah.

Take good care of yourself for now until you can be active again :)

Waalaykummusalam wa rahmatullah.


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Asalamalikum sis

welcome back :)

n i m glad to hear that ur surgery was successful:) mabrook sister;)

May Allah give u good health n strength Ameen;)

take care



ƒ3!RY $p!r!T
:ma: Good to have u back sis! :D:D:D May u have a speedy recovery and be in the best of health soon! ameen....:D:D:D


Seeking Allah's Mercy

Qul HuwaAllahu Ahud!

:lol:WHOOOHOOOOOOOOo!!!!!!!!!sis is back :p
and so is PINKY PINK:p

guess the piece of cake :lol:was a lil to much apiece of cake:D:D:D

don't worry about that sisi.the good thing is alhumdulillah you back;)


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Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hearts:
I MISSED U!!!!!!! :SMILY252:
i can see that uve gotten that pink ink again:lol:

Insha'Allah u'll heal quickly!!!!!!!!:D
Lots of love!!!!!!!!!:hearts:

Aisha hussain..

seeking knowledge

welcome back sister hope you get well soon inshAllah

im new here may be when you were not here i joined TTI
and congratz that all went well:ma:

jazakAllah khair


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salam aleikum sister
I was waiting for your reply .Alhamdulillah happy to hear you are feeling better now and that everything went well ,hamdulillah

waaleikum salam


Im Proud 2 B Me!
asalam aleekum,

thanx so much to everyone for your warm welcomes and for your care and support....

May Allah grant all of us good health and strengthen our faith