Dua request for Sister Revert2007


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I am requesting that all of the Brothers and Sisters here please keep Sister Revert2007 in your dua's. Her and her family live in the heart of Cairo, Egypt and I fear for their safety.

Over the past 8 months, Sister Revert has become a sister to me and I usually speak to her daily. For the past week I have not heard from her. Her family consists of herself, her mother-in-law, her husband, her two year old son Bilal and her father-in-law. Recently, the whole family has been ill with the flu and her brother-in-law recently went through eye surgary but has lost sight in one eye. Her father-in-law has heart trouble and Sister Revert worries about him alot.

Please, keep her in your prayers. The last time I spoke to her, she said that her husband, a professor at the University, was planning on going to Malaysia, Revert's home country of birth. I pray that the whole family was able to leave with him and they are all safe.

Her love of Islam and Allah is strong and she prays faithfully. May Allah protect them all from harm. Ameen.


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aslam o alaikum

JazakALlah khair for the reminder, she is definately a big asset to this forum with her strong dawah May Allah (swt) keep her safe and among the company of the righteous and happy - ameen


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Definitely, I have been wondering how she has been. I have only heard from her once and it was 5 days ago. I'm worried about her too (And Maha has been quiet also).


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I pray to Allah (SWT) to protect Sister Revert2007 and her family, and all other brothers and sister who we do know and who don't know, I pray to Allah (SWT) to keep all of them them safe in these troubles times.

But I have a feeling that she will be alright InshaAllah, and the reason we haven't heard from her is because the Egyptian government have blocked the internet. But as soon as the internet is restored in Egypt we will start seeing her posts again. InshaAllah.



Assalaam walaikum,

Insha'Allah, we will make dua for Sister Revert 2007 and all our brothers and sisters in Egypt.


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:salam2:May Allah swt protect sister revert2007 and her family and may he guide ,strengthen and watch over the dear Egyptian brothers and sisters under his wisdom and shower them with hbis abundant mercy and relief.


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surely we would pray for our sister and her family , allah swt make things easy for her and her family , may she have all the happiness in the world , may allah swt increase there imaan ameen .

may allah swt bring peace and calm in Egypt , may allah swt make things happen which are best for the muslim ummah ,


Assalamu Alaikum

Thanks for the reminder.
Inshallah will make dua for sister revert2007 and all of our brothers and sisters in egypt. May ALLAH SWT keep them and their families safe in these turbulent times.



salam alaikum

insha Allah her family is in my dua.
may Allah protect the family and bless them with sabr in hardship
may Allah protect other families too there.
jazakAllah khair for reminding us

wa alaikum salam


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Yes Insha Allah... I will surely make Dua for my sister.. :)

May ALLAH AZZAWAJAL protect her and preserve her.. Aameen

Fee Amanillah

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Dear Sister Jengiove,

She and all our sisters and brothers in Egypt are in our prayers. May Allah keep them safe.

On another note where have you been. Long time no post. Everything is fine with you. I sent you a message on your personal email address but no reply that worried me about your well being.

ANyway, now you are here which means all is well. Keep posting

Umme Ali


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I have just spoken to Sister Revert...Alhamdulilah she is fine and she says that where she is, it is safe. ALHAMDULILh!!

She says that her husband attended the million man march but currently he is sleeping and he's safe. Appearently, she now has a nice picture of herself next to an Army vehicle! lol!

Thank you Allah for keeping her and her family safe! You are merciful and kind!


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We are safe

As salamu 'alaikum waramathulah wabarakathu.

Jazaka Allah khairan to all of you and I really appreciated it especially fpr Sister Jennifer for creating this thread.

We got the internet in the morning but I can't access it because the bill wasn't paid but alhamdulilah the owner of the apartment just paid and the first thing I did was to call my mother in Malaysia. She is very happy to know that I am fine.

In the beginning there were armies at our place but they left after 2 days, My husband and the rest of the neighbors take turn to watch alhamdulilah.

We bought many food especially flour and macaroni and the price has been increased.

We have sufficient food and credit for the phone alhamdulilah.
We have a neighbor who support Mubarak but I just don't want to argue with them.Let Allah The Exalted decide what is the best for Egypt.

I have enjoyed baking as usual and last night we had foccacia bread and vegetable spring rolls.Neighbours(women) gatherd at our house and watch the news together while the kids play and watch cartoon.

Alhamdulilah everything is safe.

Egyptian Army arrived at my neighborhood

P.S: Now there are clashes at riot. Mubarak'ss supporters plus the POLICE are using camels and horses and hurting the people who are anti-Mubarak.
PLz make dua for them in sha Allah


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~May Allah swt shower blesses upon all muslim~Amin!



We are sooo very happy to hear from you
and knowing that you and your family is in good condition~Alhamdulillah!

~May Allah swt help and Speedy Ease Egypt Condition~
Protect and Save all muslim~Amin!

Take Care!
~Wassalam .