I made Dawah to Mormon Christians


Assalamu alaikum warahmatu-llahi wa barakatuhu

I hope all my brothers and sisters are okay both by health and Eeman, inshaa'Allah.

Alhamdu li Allah, I got a chance to make dawah to Christians!

I was pretty amazed to see the dawah program of Christians here in Finland.
the movement is pretty good, but the prob is you'll meet different Christian movement, Orthodox, Catholics as well as Mormons(came from USA for the purpose of inviting people to Christianity)

however, all of my seniors and frnds have encountered Christian's dawah, in the malls, in the roads, even they come to directly apartments!

finally, one of my seniors here, a good practicing Muslim was encountered by Mormons, came from USA! and he invited them to his house to have talk and he also invited me!

Alhamdu li Allah, one of the main cause of coming here in Finland was also : to spread Islam, as far I can, at Allah's will!not to make reverts, just to invite them to the truth, because Hidayah is something which is kept on Allah's hand. and I was taking preparation as well to make dawah to Christians. I was reading and listening to lectures,debates of Dr. Jamal Badawi, Ahmed Deedat, Dr.Zakir naik, Yusuf estes, Dr. Billal Philips. ALhamdu li Allah, with Allah's help I was able to have a good knowledge and the Manhaj to make dawah and to pick them a question in their mind.

So I with my senior bro and frnd, we faced them.
Actually they face me and us!
they even dont have clear idea about their religion, Mormons.
they are pretty amazing: they Believe in Jesus to be a son of God, but also Messiah. they believe in Trinity but they believe they are not the same! they believe God is eternal, they believe in King's james version but also admit that it contains fabrication, while they also have their own book: book of Mormon. they also gave it to me!

I asked them a lot question and pick them a lot point(quoting references from Bible), while they were silent and sometime they answered but not also a dis-satisfactory but also with a doubt.(and they smiled, ignorant smile)

but when I tell them about Islam and our belief they were pretty amazed, because they didnt know about Islam a lot, except one think that we consider Jesus peace be upon him as Prophet!

anyways, Instead of their preaching we preached them a lot, alhamdu li Allah, of course by Allah's help.

finally they said: we respect your belief, religion and we really realized that your religion is making sense.(they didnt admit that their one is base-less)

then they left, coz they said that they got another meeting.
i asked them for their e-mail address, but they said: they dont have any!
they just gave a number and said that they will come again(but I dont think so)
may Allah help them to face the truth.
and may Allah help us to be on the right path and also to make dawah at a large scale; coz their religion is not truth but they are preaching while our religion is undoubtedly the truth, but we dont open our mouth.

may Allah help us!

JazakAllahu khair
wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatu-llah


Nothing but Muslimah

ALHAMDULILLAH brother, we are here to present ISLAM to others...and the one who can guide people to it is non but ALLAH AZZAWAJAL...

"i asked them for their e-mail address, but they said: they dont have any!
they just gave a number and said that they will come again(but I dont think so)"

don't worry at all, even when Rasoolullah (PBUH) started Dawah, people did reject him.... but he did never give up....:hearts:




Pearl of Islaam
Assalmau allaicumu wa raahmatullah wa baarkatuhu

May Allah reword you for all good that you do dear brother, and do not worry if they may not back to that you learn them about Islaam. One word can change one feelings,and if be will of Allah and with your noble intentions and dawah of Islaam, they may accept Allahs right way and our beauiful religion, Deen- Al- Islaam.ameen summa ameen:tti_sister:

May Allah bless you dear brother for everything good you.



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Some things that Mormons believe but hide from mainstream until they get you to convert:

-That you can become a god in the hereafter by eternal marriage. You end up making your own "spirit children" and also your own worlds to inhabit them with. There is also a couplet written that would infer that God is a created being who was once like us.

-That Joseph Smith was a prophet (lived in the 1800s) and that he was given the book of Mormon by an angel called Moroni. (later on he was charged with fraud, bigamy, and other such questionable behavior) He reintroduced the idea of polygyny but took it a step further by dissolving the marriages of his followers when he desired to marry their wives. There was no legal practice, he simply said God had made the married woman his wife and his followers submitted.

-That the men who are the head of their religion now are guided prophets of God and that they can abrogate the tenets of their beliefs.

-There are three layers of heaven and only those who are Mormon and also have the highest level pf preisthood (Mechezedik) will have acces to this level of heaven.

-Joseph Smith claimed he was given golden tablets by the angel (which were supposedly a story of Jesus coming to the Americas and teaching the Natives about his crucifiction and resurrection) and given special peep stones to translate the ancient language. Later on he was asked to show proof of these tablets but said they were hidden away somewhere safe by the angel. He had close relatives and immediate followers sign a statement that they saw these tablets only to recant later saying it was all false.

-Mormons are taught that the reason people are black/dark skinned is because when they were spirits in heaven before being born they did not pick a side while there was a war between God and Satan. Basically it's stating that their skin color is a punishment from God for not having the guts to fight for what was right.

The Mormons that you met were most likely missionaries that have been extensively trained to answer questions concerning their religion while avoiding answering certain controversial questions. They have been taught to be polite, kind and to NEVER engage in heated discussions. They call this technique "love bombing" so they can soften a person to their religion and beliefs. In plain language they are a cult and not really "Christian" per se. Their cult is not even 200 years old but they would like you to believe they are Christians. They are not.

I have never met a rude Mormon, they are nice people but grieviously misguided. Their founder was a charlatan and a scam artist who was shot in a cross fire at a jail. They call him a martyr even though he has smuggled a pistol into jail while under arrest. I call him an evil man who was a liar and a megalomaniac.

Here's a bit of the cult's history and beliefs:
http://www.biblebelievers.com/jmelton/Mormons.html This was published by Christians but they are rather vehement about clarifying why Mormons are not Christians but heretics.


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Sister Shy,

They also have an extensive genealogical research library and tenent. From what little I've been able to understand, one of their duties is to find all of their genealogical relatives and dead or alive, they get "baptized" into the Latter Day Saints. So, if they find someone of a different faith, say, Jewish, their faith gets changed no matter what. If you submit YOUR genealogy to their library, your whole family becomes LDS.

Be VERY leary of them. Sister shy is correct. They are an evil cult.


May Allah Forgive us

This cult is scary!! May Allah save us from falling into such a great Fitnah!!! And brother saif, MashAllah, that was great!! InshAllah we all should be more active and engaged in dawah.


Salam alaikum wa rahamtu-llah

JazakAllah khair for valuable, informative and encouraging replies.
I know something I've noticed: when I said those guys, that how can we all are sinful, while Adam made a mistake.
they immediately changed their dialogue and said: no everyone is accountable for their sins and if they dont repent they will go to hell.
then when he said: Jesus, the holy Prophet died for our sins, he was so great
then i immediately asked: if we are accountable for our sins, so why Jesus died for our sins?

he was silent and said: that's why he was the greatest Prophet and son of God, so he is special.

I asked: do you worship Jesus
he said: yes!
I quoted some verse and give some question, they were silent.

anywaysbarakAllahu feeke

Seeking Allah's Mercy

Qul HuwaAllahu Ahud!
:salam2:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...

Masha'Allah akhi this is good.May Allah reward you for you good deeds and struggle to convey the truth.This is indeed the best of all the jobs.

Akhi don't argue too much.take one step at a time.well it's christians you are dealing with and i don't really know how they respond,but usually when non muslims are trapped and they got no Khair in their hearts then they get really nasty and say ridiculous stuff.so take one step at a time and let them absorb before you try again inshaa'Allah.

May Allah grant you success and give us all maghfira and hidaya.


Hubbu Rasoolullah
Salaams Brother

Dont give up... Be Strong Insha Allah U can continue ur dawah... And Pls note that you can express the truth and convince to non muslims.... But Allah Have to give Hidayah... So dont get worry.. Do ur part and Allah SWT will give hidaya for them Insha Allah!


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Mormons are taught that the reason people are black/dark skinned is because when they were spirits in heaven before being born they did not pick a side while there was a war between God and Satan. Basically it's stating that their skin color is a punishment from God for not having the guts to fight for what was right.

As salamo alaikome

Sis you are quite knowledgable about the Mormon religion alhamdulillah. Actually I have a confession......before I ever heard of Islam I had begun my search for the truth in religion and what the reason for life was. I came across many religions but all were Christian. I actually got baptised as a Mormon after the missionaries taught me the basics. They are a very persuasive group really. My reason for joining them mostly was because of the way they spoke about heaven and the end of days on earth. It really intrigued me to think that there are levels of heaven and it made sense to me which really to this day that part of the teaching still makes sense to me. They didnt tell me only certain people can get to the levels of heaven so I was pretty unaware of the details so I accepted the religion and was baptised.

I was an active member and was even assigned a mission but after about a year I began to see some faults in the foundation as our sister has mentioned in her post here. The main thing that made me leave the church is when I heard this about the color of peoples skin being a punishment and the fact that no black or dark skinned person is able to hold any type of high ranking office within the church. This information did not sit right with me because I thought to myself "Why would God punish someone before they are even born but yet this church teaches just as all Christian churches teach that you are born innocent"??? Doesnt really make sense.

I left that church alhamdulillah before I was really even fully aware of everything they believed in but really it wouldnt have made a difference even if I had known since I had already begun to doubt and find fault.

Alhamdulillah Allah guided me to the straight path after so many years of searching and wandering around in the dark. I am so proud to say I am Muslim now and I believe with ALL of my heart. I have to say I have been reverted for about a year and a half now and Allah has blessed me so much since I took my shahada. I am now living in a Muslim country with a wonderful Muslim husband by my side alhamdulillah. I have been blessed to have been able to read Quran completely through from cover to cover 8 times and Im going on 9 times already. I have been reading it in English translation but I believe it is still such a blessing because it is guiding my entire life now. I never read the bible or book of mormon all the way through not even one time. When I tried I always found something in it very confusing and I NEVER felt that with Quran. Not even the first time I read it so Im sure in my heart and in my soul Quran is the word of Allah and the others are corrupted.

Sorry to go on and on but I guess Im a bit emotional now about being guided. I had a recent event take place in my life that could have been a deciding factor for my entire future and I believe Allah has protected me so far. The outcome has not yet arrived but I have tons of faith that whatever it will be will be the best for me according to Allahs will and I can live with that. Alhamdulillah!