Muslim Names Game

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Strangers on earth

Sister,here I got you a name that starts with "A" and ends with "F" :lol:


Next is F

(I guess Fazia wants to put her name:p)

Thank you so much
i really appreciate it and Yes i wanted to put my name lol

FAIZA....this is for u Faiza619....:)

next is "A"


Thank you so much sister mwaah you are a darling for that LOL

My name Nasia . . . . :biggrin:hehehe

Next "A" . . .

Lucky you sister Nasia you just put your name. LOLZ
The last 3 posts have broken the rules... Or are the rules dynamic?


I think you are right brother but i think they were just tired of the letter A

Emon (i think its a name)

next N

Nabila meaning noble
Hey Sulfuric Acid you want to hypnotize people with your Avatar?
once i start looking at it i feel sleepy. hehehehehe LOL
Anyway next again A
dont break the rules :)
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