New drawings


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I have made 2 new drawings.
1 of the 2 drawings was a request from a sister.
If you have any suggestions, idea's u can write on the visitor board.
Take care of yourselfs,




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Jazakallaahu khairan

Brother, seeing your interest, I feel like suggesting to you - 'try and learn more about Calligraphy'.


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I'm trying to always make a difficult drawing then the previous one, I have made so far many drawings. I will try to look at other Calligraphy's too.But u know ever Calligrapher has his own kind of style.
Take care of yourself


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very beautiful drawings. you're very talented, Masha'Allah. can you plese give me some tips on improving my drawing skills? Jazak'Allah-khair.


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Ve aleykumselam
Thank you all.

Try to make alot of drawings, and also make more drawings from 1 item, so next time u drew it, it will go easier then inshallah.
Sometimes I first draw the whole thing and then correct it so that would help you too i think.

And it may sound be ridicilous but it is also good if you draw something difficult, I know it's hard but when u finish it it won't be the same.
You would be so suprised that you have made it ( it happened many times to me )
That helped me alot if i didn't make a difficult one i wasn't really able to make the 1st drawing or other drawings that I made.
Sorry for the long story
I hope this information will help you sister.
If you have more questions i will try to answer it.

If someone has a suggestions/idea's for a new drawing u can write on the visitor board.

Take care.




Thank you
sooo much for sharing.
Very good effort
keep it up.

~May Allah swt help,protect and guide all muslims~Amin!

Take care,
~Wassalam :)