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InshaAllah my brothers and sisters are in the BEST of health and Imaan.

Okay, so i have this really silly question but its bugging me and i was hoping somebody could help me out here.

This is my weird question :$ When sister 'A' posts a thread starting with salaam and lets say sister 'B' replies to the salaam, does the next person also reply to the first salaam or not? Several times i have come across threads and half the time people are replying to the first salaam and others start with a new salaam. *Not to mention some brothers/sisters who don't do either :confused:*

Please could somebody help clear this for me,

jazakAllah khair katheer



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When a person goes to a gathering and says Salam, if only one replys loudly to the salam and rest may be in a low voice that is enough as a reply.
Salam is a greeting and Duaa also and Duaa can be given in heart also. But it all depend on the situation also.
The first to say salam is better and to reply with more good words is better.:SMILY139:


to Allah we belong
:wasalam:, :)

^ as said above, if u write "salaam"....and when i read it i say in myself "wa alaikum salaam", i think its ok.

its not necessary to write it down.

Allah knows best.