Ramadan Fasting Tablet Wrong?


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This topic was discussed in an earlier thread, and I just seemed really confused about the input made by fellow Muslims.

Apparently there is a new dietary supplement coming on to the Market that claims it can help suppress hungers involved with fasting. I am in no way familiar with dietary supplements but this particular product is marketed as all natural, and is FDA approved.


My question to the Muslim community is How is taking this tablet any different from a traditional suhoor?
We are encouraged by the prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihe wasallam, to eat before we start our fast to avoid energy loss throughout the day.

Is this tablet not meant to do the same? its all natural....

kinda like eating an ideal suhoor breakfast right?


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I think the issue is that it is an appetite suppressant so no, it's not like eating a regular breakfast. It's designed to keep you from getting hungry, and part of the point of Ramadan is to experience hunger and thirst. If you eat breakfast before you fast, it will keep the hunger away for awhile, but not all day like this tablet is supposed to.


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assalamu alaikum, thanks for your thread brother, but i think i am not gonna take it cause it seems like, it will drive away all the peace from my heart, the peace i feel during the month of ramadan. it's just my opinion, ignore it if you don't like. i think respected brothers and sisters will give their opinion. fee amanillah


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Assalam aliekum

As an overweight person who has tried appetite suppressants in the past, I have never found one that lasts "all day" - they usually work for about 6-8 hours and are more intended to keep you from snacking between meals, not to keep you from eating for 10-18 hours (depending on the season and your location during Ramadan). So if it is just an appetite suppressant (with a "Ramadan" label), I wouldn't think it is too much to worry about, unless someone puts their whole effort into the pills - too much of anything is not good.

I am not advocating it's use; I am just saying I think for most people it would be more of a "mental" help than anything else.


Blessed Muslimah

I agree with sister 'q8penpals' this may serve them as a mental help instead of the tawakul in Allah it goes in these pills, "i can last a whole day hunger free" it losses the whole meaning of Ramadan which it to grow closer to Allah and attain Taqwa if you dont feel any different or thankful at the end of the day when you can eat what is this then?

Ramadan is a time to focus on our relationships with Allah, not to find shortcuts that further us away from Allah and placing our reliance in him SabhanaAllah



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assalamu alaikum my brothers,

After reading your comments i couldnt help but look more into this product. both comments made a lot of sense and after researching it i dont find anything haram about it because it is, in essence, a nutritional supplement. For example, if i was more knowledgeable about nutrition and what my body needs to stay sustained, i would create the most ideal suhooor meal to help ease my fast and not deter me from my obligations. However, i am not a nutrition expert and therefore i don’t know what food to eat to keep me balanced and active all day. I think this is where the tablet will come in handy. after researching the ingredients it seems as though it’ll simply provide the extra boost i need…especially during the first summer Ramadan!

Plus, I doubt that it will completely curb my appetite or else hollywood would be all over it. But, because I agree with salek in that if I don’t get a true feeling of hunger I will be losing “a peace from my heart I feel during Ramadan,” i will simply only take it during my iftar meal because i still find a benefit in its nutritional assortment designed specifically for the fasting muslim. plus, I feel it will help me from overeating at night and provide me with energy that i normally wouldnt have to concentrate during my taraweeh prayers and all my homework assignments.

because lets face it, just because we are fasting, doenst mean our work life can take a hit.


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I was also going to say I wouldn't take it till I see an ingredient list. Those Chinese herbs that people portray as being like the superman of nutritional supplements sometimes have nasty side effects. But I'm probably just being overly paranoid.


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i think this product just curves your appetite and gives you energy not completely making you feel full and not wanting food
so i dont see anything wrong with this product
and maybe this can help the ederly who can't handle fasting anymore


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bismillah asalamu alaykum
when fasting we go through a struggle that inshallah we can conquer (the natural instinct to eat and drink). this just eases it and not really helps one reflect on the essence of fasting. a person would most likely just go about their day without thinking about the provisions Allah has given them.
islamgirl234 if they cant fast anymore then there are ways they can still observe ramadan, like feeding a fasting person. i know You dont see anything wrong with that but thats up for the scholars firmly upon the sunnah to decide. just think, if taking some pills to stop a womans menses during ramadan so she wont have to make it up is haram to do wouldnt taking an appetite suppressant be also? Stopping the menses is un-natural and Allah knows what potential danger that could be on the womans body. taking a pill to suppress something natural, i.e., our appetite is un-natural as well.