REQUEST: Duaas for me being successful inshallah

xMuSlIm GuRlx

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Assalaamualaykum brothers and sisters...

I have a big request to ask of you who are reading my thread... I have just recently started my new job... but I am finding it really difficult at the moment and its taking time to settle in...its making me feel a bit down :eek:(

if you could all please please make big duaas for me that Allah Inshallah makes it easy for me in my career and in all I intend to do and Allah removes all difficulties/ concerns and anxieties and I become competent and confident! INSHALLAH! :tti_sister:

Jazakhallah khairun, you are all in my duaas

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:salam2: dear;

May Allah help you and make your situation easy to you. Don´t worry any more, we ask that Allah listen our duas.



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May Allah help you and make it easy for you, May Allah increase you in confidence, patience and competentence..Ameen


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:salam2: Dear sister,

I always found it hard at first when starting a new job. It would take me 3 months to finanly feel comfortable. I'd get sick or get injured and depending on how bad I was depended on how scared I was and how much I wanted to do good there.

I hope that Allah helps you feel more comfortable then me...


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May Allah make you very succesfull my sister and help you in everything that you ask of Him. Amen summa ameen.

Do not forget dear sister that Allah is Greater than any worry.:hijabi:


xMuSlIm GuRlx

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Assalaamualaykum my dear sisters,

INSHALLAH Allah makes it easy for me and Ameeen to all your duaas... thank you so much for your kindness... really has soothed my heart... I am glad I am able to come here for support and duaas and has been troubling me for some time since I started my new job... I just am really anxious sometime etc if not all the time... cos it is all so new and at home finding it hard to forget work etc :( thank you for your duaas.. please cont remebering in your duaas sweet sisters you are all in mine... and ofcourse! work or anything else in life shouldnt prioritise over the true meaning of life...

Jazakhallah my sisters