The Book Involving You!


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The book Involving You! :shymuslima1:

No matter what you do in the life of this world
and no matter what you say,

every single word and action of ours is..
recorded in such a way,

nobody can understand it all
some people don't even know,

oneday your life will appear in a book and
EVERYTHING will show,

it will reveal a large quantity of pages that..
will be numbered so clear as to see,

not a small thing will go un-noticed
all we will question is (How can this be?),

for every sceptical individual concerned
it's my duty to make you aware,

my knowledge I've gathered is mean't to be
as it's a message to spread and share,

I'm asking you to be optimistic it's more valuble
the sooner you know,

your performance is judged by good deeds
and bad ones and will definitely be on show;

There's only one God in this world and He
guides me with the truth,

the Qur'an was produced within 23 years
for mankind with significant proof.

This poem is dedicated to all my brothers & sisters, muslims and non muslims.. I hoped it reminded you about your book that's being recorded for you and help you to improve on your deeds.. Insha-allah.

Surah 45:29 - confirming record in a book.
surah 18:49 - The book that will be placed infront of you!



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Mashallah! That was beautiful.
Truly reminds us of each of our actions being recorded.
Jazakallah for sharing.


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Jazakallah khair for your comments.
Poetry is a nice way of expressing our thoughts, especially if it's a part of our daily lives.

Your Sister for the sake of Allah


Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum wr wb

what an amazing poem, i love it. jazak Allahu khayra for sharing....may Allah subhana wata'ala reward u for the nice reminder that u have given to us amiin....:)



Muslim Unity...
subhanallah that was jus so wiked!
:ma: may Allah bless u for sharin it wid us
a great reminder for us all!
May Allah increase ur rewards, grant u the highest
status of imaan n the best of health...n bless u with
eternal paradise! inshallah Ameen
n keep smilin inshallh:)
take care


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wow what a nice poem thanks for shearing it was masa allah

well thanks again
bye w/salamu


make dua 4 ma finals
Assalamu Alaikum sister:D

subhanaAllah! that was wonderful...........mashaAllah, tabarakaAllah like I said, you have a talent for words. You know I believe the power a poem has can change a soul. Reminders like this are effective when they're short, and very meaningful:D
jazakaAllah khairan for sharing!:D


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Wa alaykum salam wa rahmutalahi wa barakatu..

JazaAllah Khair for all your kind words & advice, it really means alot.
May Allah help us to remind others from the strength of our words & grant us a good place in the Hereafter, :tti_sister:Ameen.

Abu Juwairiya

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Inshallah when we are reminded of good, positive and fruitful advice to improve our lives like this one, the author will be rewarded with an increase in provision, inspiration, spiritual resplendence and splendour both in this life and in the Hereafter. Amen.