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  • How does he know how long it's going to take though? :S
    Sis, dw about it and don't be sorry, I can get the bangla one's online iA.
    Will make du'aa for you, make du'aa for me too plz, jazakillaah.
    Fee amanillaah xox

    Hey sis dw about it. I downloaded most of them from youtube coz remember I've got realplayer, which then allows me to convert the videos to mp3 format etc. so no worries :-D Jazakillaahu khayran btwz :-D

    Hope you've been doing well. Good night. x
    Wa'alaykum assalaam wr wb.
    Can I have all of them if that's okay plz :) jazakillaah <3
    I barely come on msn as well unless I need to.
    May Allaah improve your condition ameeen
    Glad to hear from you too.
    Fee amaanillaah ukhti fillaah *!*!*!
    Wa iyyaki.
    Ohh do you have matir bari? :D
    I got I wanna let you know from youtube, I downloaded that one but I can't find the bangla ones!
    Wa feeki baraak Allaah.
    You look after yourself as well. I got bare texts from you :D I used to do that when I had free text credz but I no longer have tmob. IA I'll get one soon... :D
    Fee amanillaah, wassalaamu 'alaykum Xx
    Wa iyyaki.
    Of course, you're always in my du'aas and heart ukhti fillaah <3
    I'm glad you liked it huhu :)
    Jazakillaahu khayran for your sweet words.
    About the album, I haven't brought it yet, have you? Some of the nasheeds from that album are available on youtube.

    Take care :)
    Wa alaykuma salaam sis
    it's sad to hear that. I hope that you feel better
    soon. May Allah make you feel better amiin.
    It was indeed exciting to hear from Alhamdulilah!
    wa iyyaki
    i'm okay and yourself?
    i got ur text reply. sorry i couldn't reply back, I have no credz :(
    there's nothing to forgive. sorry for the late reply
    miss you too
    take care
    The Prophet (saws) was asked about fasting on The Day of Arafah. He replied: ''Fasting on the day of Arafah is an expiation of last year's and next year's sins.''[Muslim]
    The Prophet (saws) said: ''The best supplication is the supplication on the day of Arafah''. [at-Tirmidhi and Malik]
    'Allahumma baa-rik-lanaa fee-rajaba wa
    sha'baana wa bal-lig-naa shah-ra ramadhaana.' O Allah, make the months
    of Rajab and Shabaan blessed for us, and let us reach the month of
    Ramadhan.' ........ Pray yeah for this month
    Ami bala asi. Jazakillaahu Khayran afneh zon zika khorso. Afneh shob-shomoy amr du'aa-o. May Allaah make your affairs easy, aameen. Uhibbiku fillaah. Tc affa fillaah. xx
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