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  • so sweet of u dear sister ,,, thanks for your dua im so glad to get that you got for me friend
    have a succesful programs

    Allah bless you and your family
    you will be in my duas

    dont worry go ahead
    my wishes to youe mom and dad convey them my salam
    :wasalam:wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

    i'm fine alhumdulillah my sister:)i'm having taking classes as to prepare for some tests.BIg ones:)!!

    your english is all good sister.anywayz hope you are enjoying your classes:D!!!may ALLAH smile upon you.
    no i just got confused between your two previos posts:).no way!! you don;t know my mom lol.aaaah i remember now:eek:did i mention my mom there??no not really!!
    it's your sis's kid or brother's??WHATT!!the aunt is forgotten:)!!you want ppl to protest for you:p
    mashallah Ahmed is a very good name.yeah one of muslims all time of my really cute and crazy lil cousins is named Ahmed(mustafa).,

    oh yeah i eat it when there mommy's are not around:p......heeeey where did you got that info from!!.

    ameen sis wa iyyaki
    ohhh that's not good.i kno i must want to ffllllllllllllllllllllllllllly to the kiddo and pull his cheeks and eat away his food is soooooooooo good:p!!

    oh right!!you haven't seen his pics either??yeah that is your neppyiouuuuuuu:p!!!
    SAM??whose SAM i dunno any same:plol the name is javaria:) mashallah god to know everything is good.i'm fine alhumdulillah.
    SOBAHNALLAH:eek:you mean you got a small kid in the family:eek:like a real cute baby:wavyarms:MABROOK sister that's awsome news!!what did you name him.who does he look like,mom??dad??you?that's remarkable:)i like small babies....
    THIS MUCH!!!>>>
    aslam alaikom sister
    im BE i.e engnieering graduated in software engnieering
    oh nice ya im 21 frm this may
    how are you
    how everyone in family
    convey my regards to all in your family
    may Allah bless all of us
    Salam Alamanar,

    Inshallah that would be true. So how are you? are you in university? im going to university and I'm kinda confused on how i should I be ready XD


    :tti_sister:May Allah swt bless upon you and your family~Amin!

    Take Care!
    Thank you,

    ~Wassalam :)
    Salam Sister,

    Thank you so much for your dua, I hope Allah helps you succeed in whatever your planning to do :)
    Salam Sister,
    Yeah its pretty awesome that they have a personality type...I wonder how they make it? Its so accuarate. Also i have a physics and film exam tommorrow...Its 11 am in the morning here (the day before). I still have 5 units to review XD........I need to get a perfect in ordder to keep my A avg for university. I'm going into Aerospace Engineering. So what about sister? how is it going? Nice to meet you, and I'm lovin TTI
    Assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa baarakatuhu dear sister

    How are you??? It is very nice to meet you dear sister, mashallah. :hijabi:.I like a loot your avatar, because there it writes " Allah" over the eye.

    May Allah bless you and make you always close to Him. ameen summa ameen

    I love you for the sake of Allah

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