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  • aslam o alaikum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuhu,

    bro are u back ? :D SubhanAllah i saw that you made a post on the forum, how are you? how is your family your beautiful son? mashAllah
    SubhanAllah its been so so long since i saw you on the forum i thought maybe you left and moved on
    InshAllah your well :) im really glad to see u back Alhumdulilah
    ¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸*♥♥♥♥*¸.•'´¯)¸.•' ´¯)
    ♥(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸*♥♥*¸.•'´¯)¸.•' ´¯)♥
    ♥♥(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸**¸.•'´¯)¸.•'´ ¯)♥♥
    ----==--Ramadan Mubarak---==---
    (_¸.•'´(_¸.•'´*♥♥♥♥*`'•.¸_)`'• .¸_)
    ♥(_¸.•'´(_¸.•'´*♥♥*`'•.¸_)`'•. ¸_)♥
    ♥♥(_¸.•'´(_¸.•'´**`'•.¸_)`'•.¸ _)♥♥

    Ramadhan Kareem & Mobarak!!!

    May Allah (swt) hasten your pardon..strengthen your iman..perfect your practice..lengthen your hours of worship..and count you amongst those He (swt) purifies in His Month of Fasting..Ameen!
    Hello brother, just drop to say salam to you. I observe you are not as active as before brother...perhaps you are very busy mashAllah. Keep on going with your daawah activities it is really great to know mashAllah. May Allah make your daawah easy inshAllah.
    The war is over. Ethiopia ia a country where >55% of its population is muslims, but the census data and othe reports mislead the world with wrong figures and they want to make appear the country as an Island of Christians.
    U ask me about the situation of Islam in Ethiopia, the situation is better from past times though still some problems, for ex. due to some haters of Islam who has position @ universities, Muslim students are facing problems to wear Hijab & pray in Jemaa, though the constitution gives right to practice 1's religion, freely.
    asalam o alaikum brother.. I hope u to be in best of health and emaan.
    Have u compiled that collection of lectures from shaikh khalid yasin?
    I need that as well
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