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  • jazaak Allah khairan bhai for the link. but is possible to change its words, formats, colour, etc?

    i dont want to copy the same. it will destroy ur uniqueness! and thats bad!:)
    Reject you?... I'd never do that! You are far too good! ;) :lol:

    Take Care. :D Wassalaam. BTW.. I like your Sig. MashaAllah! ;)
    Hahahahahah Nah of course I dont mind. Might even get some of those nerdy guys ask me for marriage! :lol:

    BTW.. I think you Mis-Understood the question the brother posted on 'Quranic Quiz' thread. ;)

    Wa Alykum Salaam.

    Owhhh dont you know?.. This is my beloved Daughter! :lol:
    No really.. I just found this Avatar really cute. Subhanallah!

    Anyway why you ask? :lol: Wassalaam. :)
    wa alaykum salam,

    Jazak'Allah Khair for asking,

    Alhamdulillah I am fine, what about you and your family brother. How's life and weather up north.

    Assalamu alaykum.
    salam alaikum bhai,

    thx for the offer regarding signature. yes, if you can give the link...then pls. :tongue:
    if u give you few words, can u put them in the sig?
    salaam alikom

    One more question is there is any way I can get these banners little bit larter we can use it as poster for advertisment... ?
    salaam alikom

    MashaAllah jazaaak Allah khair it looks great and beautifull for sure I will be using it for my email signature.. now you might have to teach me how to do this :)

    May Allah reward you for this work, we will be havin Muslim In March event next year so I might use it as a banner for our event since it wil be for Youth.....
    A-levels? haa maloom hai like +2 (grade 12) in india. Allah aapko kaamyaab kare in both the worlds.

    btw, i like ur new signature. :D white colour is so peaceful and sober. :)
    wa alaikum salaam bhaijaan,

    shukriya hamein aapne yaad rakha. :tongue: aapki study/work ke kya haal chaal hai?
    One more thing brother. Do you know how i remove that huge figure from my page ? (4,295 something like that)

    EDIT: i figured out! Salam
    salaam alaikum,
    jazaak Allah khair for ur shayri too. :D

    chalo...aap ko bhi interest hai shayri ka. i have but little bit. :tongue:
    salaam alaikum shahbaz bhai, :D

    aap ke liye ek sher (one tiger :lol:)

    Dosti kya hai kabhi socha hai tumne doston,
    Dosti ki rooh ko jana hai tumne doston.

    Dosti kagaz nahin tehreer karne ke liye,
    Dosti manzar nahin tasweer karne ke liye.

    Dosti lafzon ki soorat se bayan hoti nahin,
    Dosti deewar-o-dar ke darmiyan hoti nahin.

    Dosti maidaan hai lambi masafat ke liye,
    Dosti ik imtehan hai jazbon ki shiddat ke liye.
    Wa'Alaykum salam,

    Alhamdulillah, app ka kya hal hai, and what about your family? where are you from brother?
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