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  • dear sister... inshalla everything will be good for yu..i msure living in an arabi ountry will be good for your children,and there at school they will lean quran and arabic...i know even im morocco there are negative things..but as your girls grow older its still better to be in islamic environment wiht family support than inwestern environment,,,,, iwish you everything good dear sister
    At the moment I'm living in Itlay,but I in sh Allah leave for Morocco some days before Eid 'Adha.I'll go there with all my children and I'll sent my 2 oldest ones to a childhood school in which they can learn the basis of arabic and maybe some Surat of Quran.I wish to live there all my life,but I have to come here at least twice a year to visit my parents.then my husband would come in Italy to earn enough money,sell our home and buy another one bigger in Morocco,and finally live alltogether.when my children will be older,I'd like to try a job that allows me to earn enough money to go to Hajj.it would be the completation of my little journey in this life.
    wa 'alikum salam dear sister,I'm happy to read your messages!mashallh,you have children,how old are them?how are you teaching them Islam?it may be helpful for me with my young children.I hope you are in good health and Imaan too.
    hey,sister,I'm really surprised but happy that you asked my friendship.I too have nobody to talk to.I only have my children,but no friends.it would be good if we could meet to spend a little of time together.
    salam sister,how are you?I knew that you were depressed.do you feel better?if you need someone to talk to,I'm pleased to listen,take care dear sister
    hey sister!ciao anche a te!do you speak italian too?I'm in good health mashallah,I hope you too,hugs:)
    Assalamu allaicum

    You are most welcome my dear sister.May Allah help us all to be better Muslims and keepers of our Muslim Ummah. Ameen ya Rabby

    I was refering on your dear sister as I have red once in your thread that you are orginally from Germany, you were not Muslim but that you have accepted Islam.Right?

    Please forgive me sister if I have not red well or if I have confused you with some other sister.

    May Allah bless you

    Assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear sister

    How are you and your family? I pray to Allah you are well with His Mercy and Help. I only wished to say that I feel so proud on you as my Muslimah sister, as I have red that you have accepted Islam, but that your eman and faith in Allah is so strong MashAllah.

    I pray to Allah that there can be more Muslims as you are dear sister,so that our Ummah can be more better and get back its victory how it was in the time of our beloved Prophet sallahu alyha wa saalam and his Ashabahs. Ameen ya Rabby

    May Allah bless you dear sister

    Barakallahufiki for your kind words , but I dont belive what this guy is saying, it really is very upsetting, take care
    assalaamo alaikum,

    brother once you mentioned the arrival in your post (without shia content) could you please provide the link for me . jazaakalah khair
    Assalamu alaykum, Eid Mubarek. Thank you for your greetings. May Allah bless you and your family. Taqabal Allahu Minna wa minkum.
    salam 'alikum,it has been often talked about hijab on the english section and I saw that many times people fell in the polemic,because of some females who don't still wear it but feel as believers as those who wear it.I tried many times to insist to the importance of hijab,but it's maybe too early and that's why I prefered to post in the italian section.about the other threads,maybe Umm Muhammed al Mahdi is more informed than me
    wa 'alikum salam.I'm glad you were interested to the posts in the italian section,but I don't know which kind of question you would me to write in the english section.ramadhan mubarak 'aliki
    Assalamu'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    Sister Esperanza, how are you? Just want to wish you Ramadhaan al-Mubaraak and since we only have 10 days left [Mashaa Allaah :-(], may we be able to make full use of our time, inshaa Allaah.

    I hope you and you're family are well inshaa Allaah.

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