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  • wa aleikum salam esperanza, i am tired :) well good hamdullilah, shokran and your day ?
    Wa'alaykummusalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Sister Esperanze,

    Alhamdulillah bi khaayr. How are you? :) I am sorry as I read the Eid wish of yours and wanted to come back and wish the same for you but I forgot about it.

    How are things on your side, Sister? How are your family and everything? InshaAllaah khaayr? :)
    wa aleikum salam, hamdullilah...i wanted sleep more this morning but i had bad dreams. I read some things and now i was thinking what to eat and i finded a receipe of sister harb of pasta salad, ill make one after Dhur. And you ? salam
    wa'alaikum asalam sister,

    i'm well alhamdulillah, how are you this morning. ready to start your day?
    I hear there is a mini ice age coming in 10 yrs, soon you'll have nice green gardens over there :)

    i'm well alhamdulillah, how are you dear sister? how's the weather in your area this time of the year :)
    Thank you sister for your friendship request. I am very happy to be your sister and friend Allah bless you and your family.
    salam Sister,I'm sorry if I'm late,but Mabruk lEid.I hope you are in good health and Iman.I hope you're happy.....me in these days I feel strange,a mixture between happiness and sadness,but I go on,in sh Allah
    Aslamualikom my sis esperanza Eid Mubarke sorry for the late replay i didnt came for one week online i just came now jezacullah kairan
    salam aleikum, have a blessed day

    Sister esperanza ,


    Happy Eid'ul Adha Al Mubarak
    To you and your family too.

    ~Best wishes from:
    your sister in Islam
    Take care!
    ~Wassalam :)
    Eid Mubarak sister, thank you for thinking of me, alhamdulilah ,we now have a free Libya inshallah we can look to a better future,
    My husband was martyed on 8-10-11 before the freedom of Sirte so I have not been on line lately as I have had things to sort out, Inshallah Allah ta;laa will put in the highest Jannah and have mercy on his soul,
    Take care sister and may Allah ta;laa answer your prayers and bless you
    Um Mustafa
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