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  • eid mubarak to you too dear sister,I'm glad you thought to me.blesses upon you and to your family
    Eid mubarek dear sister esperanza, i pray that Allah forgive us and accept our fasting and duaa.
    Assalamu alaikum WR WB

    Jazakallah Khair for the wishes my dear sister :)

    Let me pass My Eid Wishes to you and your Loved ones..

    Add me and my loved ones in your Dua's too Insha Allah

    Wa'alaikum as'salaam,

    Eid Mubarak to you as well dear sister. May Allah make your affairs easy for you and bless best of both worlds. Ameen.

    Eid Mubarak to you too dear sister

    May Allah reward you with peace, happiness and blessings on this Eid day and always InshAllah. :SMILY252:

    AlhamduliAllah i am fine, thank you sister , just finished my prayer feeling better for a while. I think prayer can do alot in rising our spirits. Sorry for my english.

    Jazzak Allah khair and thank you dear sister for your kind duas.InshAllah, I will pass my exams succesfully with the help of Allah.:)

    I pray to Allah that your health is better now dear sister with help of Allah.

    Take care, and may Allah keep you and your family under His Mercy. Ameen ya Rabby :tti_sister:

    salam 'alikm to you sister!I'm glad you're interested to my situation...we are all ok,alhamdulillah...this life is to me like a rollercoaster,but as a rollercoaster it's good to share every kind of moment with my family..and you?how do you spend your day?in Italy it's 15 o'clock,and in your town?
    Wa alaikum Assalaam WR WB My dear sister :)

    Alhamdulillah I am doing good with the help of Allah Azzawajal.

    How are you and family my dear sister ?:)
    May Allah Azzawajal bless you and your loves ones with strong Iman and good health Aameen...

    Your sweet visitor's message made me smile in this cool morning.. Jazakallah Khair sisi :)

    So how are things with you?

    Always keep in touch Ukhti...

    Plz do add me and my loved ones in your supplications Insha Allah :)

    Fee Amanillah :muslim_child:
    Wa allaicumu salam wa raahmatullah wa barakatuhu dear sister

    Alhadmulillah, I am well with mercy of Allah. My studies have started so I spend most of the time on studing and prepearing my exams InshAllah. :). But MashAllah everything is well for me dear sister.

    How are you? And how is your family?

    Inshallah you and your loved ones are also well with the help of Allah.

    Jazzak Allah khair sister for your kind message.:SMILY252:

    May Allah bless you

    :wasalam: sis. Alhamdulillah I"m doing good. A little rushed and busy right now though as I'll be leaving in a few hours.

    How are you doing? I hope things are well.
    salam to you dear sister,I'm ok,we came out of the influence,alhamdulillah,and you?how are you?I haven't already asked you where are you from?me,I come from Italy,am italian by birth but maroccan by marriage;)
    salam ,,hope your son feels better soon inshalla.. i guess its wiht the change in weather,,, even here my family have colds...but here still hot and sunny... take care deasr sister
    whih part of italy do you live in???
    hey sister,alhamdulillah I'm ok.only my son is a little sick...the influence,do you know it?in Italy the weather is cold and windy today.and you?what's going on?
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