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  • Amiin ya Rabbana! Barakallaah feek uhktii :hearts: Indeed, Allaah answeers the dua of HIS righteous servants. MAY He answer this one.
    Wa aleikum salaam ukhtii,

    Apologies for this late reply. Sis, pray for me to become a better muslimah. I wish i was more steadast, today is just one of those days..Allaahu musta'aan. At least, i hope and pray you are feeling better :D
    Asalamualikum sister Halah,
    Allhamdulilah im well, thanks. :)
    Lol I didnt know it was your favourite, well its a coincence, mashAllah! Take care Xx
    W/salam sister my Arabic is not too bad , my children are prefect al hamdulilah , that is the main reason I came here to give them Arabic for their Islam. Alhamdulilah ,Allah ta'laa made it easy for me to do this.
    Salams Sister nice to meet you , what part of Egypt are you from? I have been to Alexansrad some years ago, which was nice.
    I have been lving in Libya for over 20 years now.
    Good question ukhtii, i don't even know why :) The thing is these days, i'm more of a passive member.. don't worry inshallaah you'll see more of my green handwriting..

    Take care beautiful sister.
    Assalam aleikum ukhtii fiLLaah, Jazakiallah kheir for popping in :) mashallah i'm very well, what about you?
    Wa alikom assalam dear and sweet sister, how are you and everyone in your family?? I pray that you all are in the best state of faith and health. I am too, dear sister a big fan of all your contributions and I always follow them. May Allah always protect you and your family and increase your faith and shower you all with His great mercy and love. Please, do not forget me in your Du'a.
    Wise Quote of the Day:
    To take the Messenger as a model means to emulate him, follow his sunna, and abandon opposition to him in either word or action. [Muhammad ibn Ali al Tirmidhi]
    as salamu alaykum

    I'm fine alhamdulillah!Hope u r too insh'Allah! Sorry but I don't understand if I have to answer to your msg here or on my profile where u wrote to me :lol:
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