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  • Asslam'u alykum sister,

    I am aware of the changes in rules here on TTI, sister. But this is going to be just to the point, Insha'Allah.

    Are you a qualified Pharmacist, sister? I have few questions I need help with if you are.

    Wa'alykum salaam,
    Brother BinKhadija
    InshaALlah i am in the process of learning- can you believe that? LOL

    oh my Allah! i was correct? Oh yeah.. Oh yeah! Who's the boss? LOL :D Arw Alhumdulillah :):)
    aww lol never mind, inshAllah you will learn one day. lol i like how u said 'clears throat' im laughing you said it bang on right
    Well sorry to dispoint you but i cant lol :D

    Just bits and bobs hehe! :)
    Like *clears her throat* Ayna Taskuneena? *where do you live* LOL i hope i said that right? :$

    Wow! MashaAllah you have soe really informative posts! :)
    I'd like to be "friends" with you :):)

    Uhibbuk filLah habibtii!

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