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  • hehehehehhe..sorry to dissapoint you hun.
    but if you really want a prize.. the best i can do is a HUG!! :D

    LUv u sister as alwayz
    Take care
    You're not getting a prize or anything.. so calm down :tongue:
    You won this time but next time be ready to be defeated.... *evil cackle*

    haha i know i need some glasses :D (not!!!) lol
    mashaAllah nice name sis...jannahtul firdows inshaAllah one day :D

    my name is Abu Hurairah aka Abzzzz lol
    take care soon inshaAllah..:) :)

    w aleykum salaam habitbi,
    well right now life does not seem so "pink" :(
    please make duaa' for me and my family, we are in hardship..
    *jumps up from her seat*

    Sister,...... jeez.. dont scare me like that. :D :D lololollo
    sorry for the extremely delayed reply.. :redface:
    How are you? :)

    how are you sister??
    i just realised your on my friends list :D :D and i dont even know your name :(

    now how bad is that..tut tut lol..

    soo wot is your name??

    wassalam :)
    Allhamdullilah I am well. Jazzak-Allah khairyan. Great to know you and family are all well.
    w aleykum salaam
    hamdulillah i am pretty fine,
    i had a full but pleasant day :D
    inshallah you are in the best of imaan and health also!
    ma as-salaama.
    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I thought I pay you visit...Inshallah hope you are in good health and highest of Emaan.
    waalicom aslam.
    i am fine and u??i am doing quran study.May allah bless u.Ameen
    ohh ukhti sorry :D
    i didnt want to scare u :)
    masha'Allah u have a beautiful name
    my name is samira :D
    so.........ya lol i dont kno wat to say
    anyways take care and c u around
    luv u for the sake of Allah
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